Annual Solution Focused School Conference to Focus on Creating Safer Schools Without Focusing on Security

There is so much more to school safety than locks - it's looking in the right places!

SFSC 2022

A virtual conference for all school staff that promotes school safety without security!

FORT WORTH, Texas - September 9, 2022 - (

Dr. Linda Metcalf will again host hundreds of educators and education experts at the 4th Solution Focused School Conference on Oct. 28 & 29, who will share how they have been able to create safer schools without focusing on security. Schools implementing the solution-focused approach - a model that puts the responsibility on students to develop solutions instead of educators to solve problems - have seen significant reductions in discipline referrals and an increase in academic success.

With a shortage of teachers across the U.S. and higher teacher-to-student ratios in classrooms this year, educators are under extreme pressure to engage students so they can learn. Many students are disengaged or feeling isolated, which increases the risks of ill-discipline and disruptive behavior, or worse, more school shootings.

"Many educators aren't properly trained to handle disruptive or disengaged students, so they're either giving up, moving schools or quitting altogether," says Dr. Linda Metcalf, best-selling author of Counseling Toward Solutions, and host of The Solution Focused School Conference. "A child's future depends on a cohesive and inclusive school environment, and that should not be undermined by disruptive behavior, or the inability of educators to manage it."

The fourth installment of the annual conference is themed "Engaged Educators = Exceptional Classrooms", and is bringing together 20 speakers from 5 different countries. They will share solution-focused techniques and case studies of how this evidence-based approach is transformed their schools and other schools around the world.

Studies by the University of Texas found a growing number of schools implementing the solution-focused approach, and where they have increased student engagement, awarded more credits, and reduced drop-out rates.

Delegates will attend the conference online on Oct. 28 & 29, and will earn 18 Continuing Education Units.

"Schools that implement the solution-focused approach transform into a safer environment of exceptional classrooms led by engaged educators," says Dr. Metcalf.

"In those schools, discipline isn't an issue; students and teachers work through their challenges together; there is reduced conflict because previously disengaged students start engaging; students become responsible leaders; and there is great pride in the school's academic success."

Schools that implement the solution-focused approach are safer without focusing on security.

Using this approach will make schools safer, with less disruption and better academic results.

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Dr. Linda Metcalf is a Professor at Texas Wesleyan University, a licensed professional counselor supervisor, a licensed marriage and family therapist supervisor, a former middle school teacher and a certified all-level school counselor. Dr. Metcalf is the best-selling author of Counseling Toward Solutions and 10 other books. 

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