10 Amazing Things to Do in China’s Changzhou

10 Amazing Things to Do in China’s Changzhou

CHANGZHOU, China, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For centuries, Changzhou has drawn tourists from all over the globe due to its many travel attractions. It offers a rich blend of natural scenic beauty, sophisticated entertainment and cultural diversity. Changzhou recently held the Conference of Integrated Development of Culture, Commerce and Tourism, sending an invitation to enjoy the picturesqueness and charm of the city. Here is a list of the best 10 things one should try to do in Changzhou.

1. Enjoy the picturesque natural landscape

Changzhou is a picturesque city with mountains and lakes. One can enjoy the view of fishing boats and flying birds at the Tianmu Lake, Ge Lake and Changdang Lake. Maoshan Mountain is a renowned Taoist place, while Nanshan Mountain has an amazing view of bamboo forests. One can boat on the lake, dig bamboo shoots in the mountains, taste tea on the island, appreciate the bamboos while having a hot spring, etc. There are diverse ways to enjoy the most natural beauty of China here.

2. Have great fun at the China Dinosaur Park

Want to have fun at the theme park? The China Dinosaur Park is the top choice. There are both exciting entertainment facilities and leisure experiences. Besides the China Dinosaur Park, one can visit Oriental Salt Lake Resort to experience traditional Chinese culture and Yancheng Chunqiu Amusement Park to learn about Spring and Autumn period (770 BC — 476 BC) culture. All kinds of theme parks make Changzhou known as China’s theme park hub.

3. Walk along the famous Qingguo Lane

The Qingguo Lane is the witness to the development of Changzhou, and it’s home to over 100 imperial scholars and a great many writers and artists, with a reputation of the most famous lane in the south of the Yangtze River. Walking into Qingguo Lane, one can see old buildings dated from Ming and Qing dynasties, such as the former residence of famous people, ancient wells, piers, opera houses and theatres. It is indeed a living residential architecture museum in Jiangnan Area.

4. Meet the great ancient Chinese poet along the ancient Great Canal

Su Shi, a literary master from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) wrote 66 poems, 10 ci poetry and 103 essays related to Changzhou. Reading Su’s poems, one can enjoy the views and share the feelings that Su had in sites like the ancient canal, Yizhou Pavilion, Inkstone Washing Pond, Tenghua House and Sushi Worship Pavilion.

5. Trace the reference of Chinese garden

The Jin Garden, Wei Garden, Yi Garden and Dongdi Garden together make Changzhou a city of Chinese gardens. Visitors can enjoy the typical scenes of small bridges over flowing water and winding paths in the south of the Yangtze River, and trace back to the archetype of Chinese garden architecture–Zhi Garden.

6. Have a good sleep in a waterside ancient town

Changzhou has a dense water network, forming many ancient towns and villages such as Jiaoxi, Menghe and Yangqiao. The ancient town of Jiaoxi has a unique architectural style, with four rivers, six streets, nine bridges and eighteen lanes, which constitute the town’s passage texture. The mix of yellow-stone-made half walls and small bridges over flowing water creates a unique style.

7. Get to know the making of China’s high-speed train EMU

A lot of factories could be seen on both sides of the Great Canal, which is a vivid portrayal of the interweaving of Changzhou’s industry development and the canal’s layout. Along the canal, one can have a glimpse into national industrial relics and get to know how the electric multiple units of high-speed trains were made.

8. Discover the beauty of countryside along the Liyang Road No.1

Pack the bags, and drive along the Liyang Road No.1 to meet rural areas, bright moon and cool breeze in rice fields, flower sea and tea gardens. In the popular boutique hotels, one can enjoy a leisurely life full of features of the south of the Yangtze River.

9. Enjoy the taste of gourmet city of Changzhou

Changzhou cuisine inherits and innovates the essence of northern and southern cuisines, and is known for the Tianmu Lake fish head, Changdang Lake hairy crab and Taihu Lake white fish, silver fish and white shrimp. Changzhou is well-known as the land of tea, such as the refreshing Liyang white tea, Maoshan Qingfeng tea, Jintan Queshe tea. Delicious food and fragrant tea together constitute the gourmet city of Changzhou.

10. Buy a Changzhou Comb for the love

Changzhou Comb, green bamboo carving, random needle embroidery, Jintan paper carving and other intangible cultural heritage projects are time-honored handicraft. Changzhou comb is known as a comb exclusively used in imperial palaces, which can be completed only after 72 and a half processes such as structure making and glue work. When coming to Changzhou, don’t forget to buy a comb for the love.

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