CMG hosts video festival on UN Chinese Language Day

GENEVA, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — More than 900 videos from 37 countries and regions have competed in the third China Media Group (CMG) International Video Festival at the United Nations (UN) Office in Geneva.

The festival takes place annually to coincide with the UN’s Chinese Language Day. This year’s theme is “Journey” as 2023 marks a decade since the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative which aims to create a modern version of the trade links that once linked the world.

Entries from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Serbia, and Russia have competed for nine awards including “Best Video,” “Best Director” and “Jury’s Special Recommendation”. Six youth cultural envoys are also chosen who will be able to visit and study in China.

“From the ancient dynasties to the modern era, China has undergone significant transformations and developments, shaping its identity and place in the world. The Chinese language played a crucial role in this journey,” said Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva Tatiana Valovaya, who thanked CMG for its contribution to the celebrations.

China’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Chen Xu added: “We welcome more friends from all over the world to learn the Chinese language, appreciate Chinese culture and have a better understanding of the development of China through the platform of the UN Chinese Language Day. I am sure the Chinese language will play a greater role in promoting the diversity of world civilization and building a better future.”

He hailed the Global Civilization Initiation launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping last month as a catalyst for nations to come together to achieve the goal of better engagement across cultures and peoples.

On that theme, CMG commissioned a special television show, Shared Journey to a Flourishing Age, which was screened at the Palais des Nations in Geneva as well as on the UN’s digital platforms.

The program takes the form of a highly engaging journey through time and space along the Silk Road using ancient paintings and state-of-the art graphics to bring stories to life.

Characters along the way include Cangbao, mascot of the UN Chinese language day, a poet, a German tea expert, a Hungarian dance troupe and a British chef.

The show will be shown to tens of millions of people around the world across CMG’s own media and through its partners.

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