Zeto Exhibits at Neuroscience 2023 and Will Sponsor EEG Clinical Trials

Zeto, Inc., an innovative EEG brain monitoring company, is excited to make two significant announcements as the company continues to expand the boundaries of brain monitoring.

Zeto is proud to announce its inaugural participation at the Neuroscience 2023 conference hosted by the Society for Neuroscience. Taking place from November 11-15, 2023, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., this event will bring together over 30,000 scientists, researchers, and clinicians making it the largest conference in neuroscience.

“At Zeto, we've consistently delivered substantial value to our clinical partners in hospitals and private practices. Now, we're excited to bring the convenience of Zeto EEG to the forefront of your clinical research journey. The Society for Neuroscience conference is a remarkable opportunity for us to connect with the global scientific community and facilitate the use of EEG for brain monitoring,” said Florian Strelzyk, PhD, Chief Sales Officer at Zeto. “Zeto understands your need for ease of use, comfort, and a refined experience with EEG technology. We believe our products will unlock a world of new opportunities, enabling EEG researchers to step out of the lab and into research environments closely aligned with their interests. We invite attendees to visit our booth #2430 in the Exhibitor Hall to discover and experience our innovative EEG solutions for clinical trials and research.”

Zeto reaffirms its commitment to increasing accessibility to brain monitoring by sponsoring up to three EEG clinical trials in 2024. These trials aim to support advanced clinical research and bring innovative applications closer to full real-world implementation.

Each sponsored clinical trial will enjoy the following benefits:

  • WR19 EEG System: Each sponsored clinical trial will benefit from Zeto’s EEG device, an FDA-cleared, wireless, portable, dry-electrode, full 10-20 montage EEG headset with high-quality data collection and a fast and comfortable 5-minute setup.
  • Cloud Access: Access to HIPAA-compliant, cyber-security cleared cloud platform for efficient data storage, remote access, EDF export, and real-time LSL data streaming.
  • Disposable Electrodes: Zeto will provide disposable electrodes for up to 100 EEG recordings in each clinical trial. These electrodes are designed for comfort and ease of use, enhancing the participant experience.
  • TTL-based Triggering for ERP Recordings: If required, the Zeto system will include an additional component for real-time TTL-based triggering for evoked potentials, along with additional stimulus presentation software and hardware.
  • Training and Support: To ensure a smooth and successful implementation of Zeto's EEG solutions, the company provides training and ongoing support to clinical trial teams.

To participate in this opportunity, interested research teams are invited to submit a 2-page proposal or project pitch by March 31st, 2024. Further details and submission guidelines can be found on the Zeto Clinical Trials Sponsorship webpage.

Zeto is dedicated to enhancing the accessibility of brain monitoring, and these initiatives are inspired by Zeto’s dedication to enhancing the accessibility of brain monitoring. For more information about Zeto, please visit Zeto's website

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