YAYO Corporation Releases the Company’s First Ever NFT Project: YAYO NFT

MIAMI, Feb. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — YAYO Corporation, in conjunction with its parent company Remilia Corporation, has released its first ever NFT project. The YAYO NFT is a collection of real-world vehicles, weapons, and backgrounds which exemplify the tropes, motifs, and aesthetics of iconic media and real life elements of YAYO’s high powered aggressive business philosophy.

“The YAYO NFT is a tribute to the act of driving and within that, drive itself. The drive to achieve is the lifeblood of industry and the foundation of modern western civilization for the past century. To go faster, to build faster, to think faster, to create faster; all of it is the inherent drive towards momentum which propels ideas into being. The vehicle and the firearm are mechanical manifestations of this urge.” – John Lemaire, CEO of YAYO Corp.

The YAYO NFT was launched on the Canto network on Saturday, February 11th, 2023 and surged to over a thousand mints through the weekend. The official YAYO Twitter account and representatives from YAYO on their official Discord have reported that the NFT is just the first step towards a larger sales affiliate program which will work in conjunction with an upcoming masculine health supplements line.

“When we unveil the new Supplement Launch and YAYO Trademark Trapezoid Affiliate Scheme, you will have a chance to prove your mettle and enter the Executive Office.” – Michael Dragovic, President of YAYO Corp.

The NFT itself can be minted through the official website, https://yayo.fund whereas any news about YAYO, links to the Canto bridging guide, or portals into the YAYO Community can be found on the official YAYO Corporation Twitter, https://twitter.com/YayoCorp.

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Michael Dragovic
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