CANNES, France, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The World Action Awards celebrate the Art & Science of Stunts and Action, from the golden age of vaudeville to the adrenaline-pumping blockbusters of today, action has always been the lifeblood of great entertainment. In recognition of the immense talent and dedication of the unsung heroes who bring thrilling action to our screens, the World Action Awards is proud to announce its inaugural event.

Taking place in late 2023, the World Action Awards will shine a spotlight on the global community of action and stunt creators, as well as the exceptional experts who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the safe execution of these awe-inspiring feats.

Offering  a global platform by amplifying action and stunt creators’ voices, The World Action Awards recognises their remarkable skills across all budgets whilst engaging a global audience in their awe-inspiring work.

The World Action Awards founded by AcclaimWorks with an advisory team of industry champions with a wealth of experience in the stunt and action world, film and entertainment, marketing and commercial event delivery.  They include Jojo Dye, Kelly Warnell, Tim Lucas Allen and Tim Cole with industry wide ambassadorial support, this talented group is primed to create a culturally diverse and forward looking award ceremony of the highest quality.

“Thrilled that the World Action Awards is on board to celebrate the best of stunt action on screen. Can’t wait to jump in and get judging. So enter.”  Pete Antico

Entrants within the Films, TV and Games sections will be judged by a culturally diverse and knowledgeable entertainment marketing community. The Specialist categories will be judged by experts from the action and stunt community who process a deep understanding of the Art and Science of stunt performance.

The World Action Awards features a wide range of categories to recognize excellence in action and stunts across various media:


  • Best Overall Action Sequence
  • Best Action MicroFilm
  • Best Action Indie Film
  • Best Action Studio Film
  • Best Action TV Show
  • Best Action Indie TV Show
  • Best Action Micro Game
  • Best Action Indie  Game
  • Best Action Studio Game
  • Best Action in Commercials / Music videos
  • Best Action in Documentary
  • Best Action in Short Form Documentary

Specialist Categories:

  • 2nd Unit Director
  • Stunt Coordinator
  • Assistant Stunt Coordinator
  • Fight Director/Choreographer
  • Armourer/Weapon Sequence
  • Water Specialist
  • Vehicular Stunt Coordinator
  • Horse Master/Animal Specialist
  • Wire/Aerial Stunt

The Categories are open for submissions from 01 June 2023,

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For more information please contact Tim Allen on [email protected] or +447858332090


AcclaimWorks is a renowned provider of awards program management, marketing, and production services since 2000 and is responsible for managing the World Action Awards. Their extensive experience and impeccable reputation make them the perfect partner for delivering a world-class event.

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Kelly Warnell, JoJo Dye, Tim Lucas Allen, Karen Nunn, Tim Cole, Wendy Farley, Tiger Lily Rudge, Alex Martin-Verdinos.


Tim Cole is a globally recognized creative practitioner with over 35 years’ experience in entertainment and marketing. As a veteran strategist, brand re/inventor, and company leader, he has made significant contributions to the industry, including a central role with the London Film Festival for 10+ years, creating Film & Film Festival PR consultancies, and pioneering entertainment marketing techniques for global brand launches.

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