Visit Korean Heritage Campaign 2023 Enchants Los Angeles

Visit Korean Heritage Campaign 2023 Enchants Los Angeles

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As part of the 2023 Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign, the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation successfully concluded their second overseas event of the year in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., from August 16 to 22.

Launched in 2020, the Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign is a branding initiative aimed at rediscovering the value of cultural heritage and the core elements of the global phenomenon of Hallyu (Korean Wave), while promoting the beauty of Korean cultural heritage both domestically and internationally.

The Los Angeles event marked the second overseas occurrence following the one in Tokyo, Japan, in May. It was tailored for individuals in the United States interested in Korean culture and travel, further promoting the allure of Korea’s traditional culture and cultural heritage at various locations in L.A., with the intent of inspiring visits to Korea.

The event in L.A. kicked off with the collaborative program “Royal Cuisine and Gohoejae (royal court refreshments),” carried out in partnership with the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles. This was followed by activities such as operating promotional booths in conjunction with CJ ENM’s KCON LA 2023, participation in the Korea Tourism Organization’s U.S. LA K-Tour Roadshow B2B Travel Mart, and hosting four experiential events throughout various locations in L.A., including “Princess Hwahyeop’s Makeup Demonstration” and “Experience at the U.S. Sejong Institute branch.” These activities received enthusiastic responses from participants.

“Royal Cuisine and Gohoejae” from the Joseon Dynasty at Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles

The “Royal Cuisine and Gohoejae” program from the Joseon Dynasty at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles took place over three days from August 16 to 18. Participants had the opportunity to try six types of beverages and medicinal teas enjoyed in the royal court during the Joseon Dynasty, along with performances of traditional court arts such as “gayageum (a traditional Korean plucked zither with 12 strings)” performances and “Chunhyangjeon (one of the best-known love stories and folk tales of Korea).” Notably, this event held significance as it not only engaged Americans interested in Korean culture but also provided an opportunity for overseas Koreans who have limited chances to experience traditional Korean culture. The program operated under a reservation system and was conducted for the 12th time with a total of 260 participants.

Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign’s promotional booth operated during “KCON LA 2023”

Passionate K-pop fans who attended “KCON LA 2023” at the LA Convention Center from August 18 to 20 also had the opportunity to experience the charm of Korean cultural heritage. A total of 1,900 people visited the campaign promotion booth that operated for three days. Participants engaged in traditional Korean games by throwing large wooden dice while also enjoying an online program that allowed them to experience cultural heritage through the metaverse. Using the metaverse platform “girabee place,” attendees created their characters and participated in online experiences centered around cultural heritage. After completing these online experiences and obtaining verification, visitors were rewarded with cultural heritage visitor passports and traditional cultural goods, enhancing their engagement.

Unveiling K-Beauty in L.A.: Princess Hwahyeop’s Makeup Demonstration

The Princess Hwahyeop’s Makeup Demonstration and Experience Program were conducted for 56 students at the Sejong Institute. Princess Hwahyeop was a notable figure from the Joseon Dynasty, the daughter of King Yeongjo and the sister of Crown Prince Sado, who gained attention due to cosmetic artifacts found in her tomb. On this day, the Sejong Institute introduced the makeup culture of the royal court under the theme of K-Beauty, which has gained immense popularity worldwide. The program offered a makeup demonstration, allowing participants to experience the beauty of Korea through makeup.

Meanwhile, during the U.S. LA K-Tour Roadshow B2B Travel Mart organized by the Korea Tourism Organization on the same day, an introduction to Korean cultural heritage tourism was conducted for local travel agencies. At the event, the cultural heritage tourism program was introduced as part of the 2023 Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign. The event aimed to foster collaboration and lay the groundwork for the future commercialization of a comprehensive cultural heritage tourism program.

Moving forward, the Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign plans to continue encouraging visits to Korean cultural heritage through various promotional events held in overseas locations.

For more detailed information about the campaign, please refer to the Visit KOREAN HERITAGE Campaign website ( ) and social media platforms such as YouTube ( ) and Instagram (@visitkoreanheritage).

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