TravelNurseSource Publishes a Data-Driven Report Offering an Inside Look Into Travel Nurse Agency Performance

50% of travel nurse agencies are not meeting their placement goals. TravelNurseSource's latest report discusses how this can change.

TravelNurseSource, an industry-centered recruitment brand for the travel nursing industry, has published a data-driven white paper detailing the current state of travel nurse recruitment and offering actionable solutions to increase recruitment objectives.

Based on survey results from travel nurse agencies across the country, the white paper delivers shocking data - over half of agencies are underperforming. 

According to the agencies surveyed, the largest challenge in meeting recruitment objectives involves the quality of candidates with 38.5% of agencies reporting that unqualified applicants are the top recruitment challenge. 

This data pairs with important insights regarding candidate sourcing and outreach. According to the agencies surveyed, niche job boards and social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are the top channels for recruitment efforts, with 46.2% of agencies believing that social recruitment will be a top priority throughout the rest of 2023. 

With the industry becoming increasingly competitive, it is more important than ever for agencies to assess their recruitment processes and make changes accordingly. 

TravelNurseSource offers a list of key recommendations for agencies that can help them reach their recruitment goals - from improving job post quality to focusing on the right KPIs and beyond. 

"Quality versus quantity of inbound candidates has always been a delicate balance in the travel nursing industry," said VP of Advertising, Charles Nevery. "Candidate quality is and always has been a top priority for TravelNurseSource. All of our strategic marketing decisions continue to be flexible, bringing in the best candidates for each of our clients."

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TravelNurseSource is a travel nursing recruitment platform owned by TrackFive that helps agencies find the right candidates for their open positions. Their expertise in the travel nursing recruitment industry offers a competitive advantage to agencies looking to surpass their recruitment objectives. Visit for more information.

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Original Source: TravelNurseSource Publishes a Data-Driven Report Offering an Inside Look Into Travel Nurse Agency Performance