Traveling to Honghe: Embracing Cultural Heritage

Traveling to Honghe: Embracing Cultural Heritage

HONGHE, China, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The “International Youth Tour to¬†Honghe” program took place from June 16th to 19th when the representatives from Indonesia, South Korea, the Philippines, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries known for their terraced culture and recognized World Cultural Heritage sites for terraced fields gathered together in Honghe, Yunnan, China, for visits and exchange. The Project was organized by the News Office of Honghe Prefecture and the International Communication and Development Center of the China Foreign Languages Bureau.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Honghe Hani Rice Terraces being inscribed as a World Heritage site. With a rich history of 1,300 years, it holds the distinction of being the first world heritage site named after an ethnic group, representing the essence of China’s agricultural civilization.

During the visit, the international youth explored the awe-inspiring Hani Rice Terraces, visited the Hani History and Culture Museum and Azheke Village, witnessed mesmerizing sunrises over the rice terraces, enjoyed the ancient Hani songs, discovered the charm of Jianshui Ancient Town, and immersed themselves in the Jianshui purple pottery culture. This trip enabled them to gain insights into local people’s philosophy of respecting and venerating nature. The locals take the strictest measures to protect farmland and safeguard the local ecosystem comprised of forests, villages, rice terraces, and water systems. The Hani Rice Terraces perfectly embody and interpret the concept of harmony between human and nature and amity between people.

“The terraced landscapes are exceptionally beautiful, with their curved shapes resembling nature’s dance,” said Ngo Huong Tra from Vietnam. Another Indonesian influencer described it as a “harmony between heaven and earth, a paradise on earth”.

Ksenia Korolevak from Russia expressed, “If I had to use one word to describe the beauty of the rice terraces, I would choose ‘magnificent,’ and for the unique Jianshui purple pottery, ‘astonishing’ would be appropriate.”

The shared interests of these young people in protecting and developing rice terraces brought them together for the international dialogue on “Inheritance and Innovation of Civilization Diversity”.

In the round-table discussion, they exchanged perspectives and commitments to cultural preservation, fostering mutual learning and cultural exchanges in Honghe.

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SOURCE the International Communication and Development Center of the China Foreign Languages Bureau

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