Transient Labs Set to Redefine the Art Experience on Arbitrum

A series of partnerships designed art digital art creation and distribution highlight activations coming to Arbitrum Ecosystem from Transient Labs 

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Transient Labs, a leader in the web3 art community, is excited to announce a series of partnerships and activations that bring enhanced digital art capabilities into the Arbitrum ecosystem. Transient Labs will leverage Arbitrum’s low gas costs, accessibility, and growing community to foster more interaction and less friction for creators and collectors within the ecosystem. As part of the collaboration, Transient Labs will also receive a grant from The Arbitrum Foundation to endorse projects that bring innovative and diverse value to the network.

To spearhead the collaboration, Transient Labs will launch the ’24 Hours of Art Genesis Catalog Campaign’ with Roger Dickerman; this initiative invites artists to mint their archival works on Arbitrum, taking advantage of Arbitrum’s low gas costs. The company will provide an initial grant to support creators in this endeavor by covering minting and inscription expenses, fostering ease of entry and enhanced visibility for their digital art archives. Culminating this campaign, Roger Dickerman will craft a professional report, spotlighting 24 of the most compelling works minted on Arbitrum. This report will showcase the artists’ talents and emphasize the diversity of digital art preserved on the blockchain, further pushing the #ARTonARB community.

Chris Ostoich, COO at Transient Labs, commented on today’s news: “Our mission is to make digital art accessible to the masses and provide the art community with a platform to promote their creativity and innovation. The Arbitrum community has been among the most active in exploring digital art. We’re excited to introduce a series of partnerships and activations that continue to grow that network segment.”

Transient Labs will be announcing two major initiatives that are set to redefine Arbitrum’s presence in art. First, the company will be partnering with Floor, adding a new distribution channel for Arbitrum NFTs minted via The Lab. This collaboration aims to streamline the NFT experience for uses on Arbitrum, onboard more collectors to ARTonARB, and deliver significantly increased discoverability to artists.

Additionally, Digital Dreams and Transient Labs are combining forces to bridge the digital and real worlds via a five-week First Friday Art Walk in Kansas City powered by Arbitrum. Digital Dreams stands as Kansas City’s vanguard digital art gallery, pioneering the integration of digital creativity and blockchain in the Midwest. The partnership aims to set the standard for what’s possible with blockchain technology regarding driving the evolution of digital art and its curation.

Nina Rong, Head of Ecosystem Development at The Arbitrum Foundation, added: “We are happy to support Transient Labs in their efforts to continue fostering discovery in the digital art sector. We’re excited to see what our collaboration brings to the Arbitrum ecosystem both in the near and long term.”

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Transient Labs is at the forefront of Web3 innovation, serving creators, projects, and ecosystems globally. We are dedicated to unlocking the potential of blockchain and smart contract technology, redefining ownership in the digital era. Visit or follow us on Twitter for more information.

About The Arbitrum Foundation
The Arbitrum Foundation, founded in March 2023, supports and grows the Arbitrum network and its community with secure scaling solutions for Ethereum. Arbitrum One—a leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution initially developed by Offchain Labs—offers ultra-fast, low-cost transactions with security derived from Ethereum through Optimistic Rollup technology. Launched in August 2021, the Arbitrum One mainnet beta is EVM-compatible to the bytecode level and has 54%+ TVL in the L2 segment. 2000+ DeFi and NFT projects are live in the ecosystem to date. In August 2022, Arbitrum One upgraded to Nitro tech stack, enabling fraud proofs over the core engine of Geth compiled to WASM.

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