Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Launches ‘Good Citizen’ Podcast Hosted by Ted Roosevelt

President’s Great-Great-Grandson to focus on civic engagement

Today the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library (TRPL), in collaboration with Future of StoryTelling and Charts & Leisure, announced the launch of its Good Citizen podcast hosted by Theodore “Ted” Roosevelt, the great-great-grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. Every month, Ted will engage in meaningful and solution-oriented discussions with thought leaders, innovators, and civic icons who draw inspiration from the nation’s 26th president while focusing on solutions for a better future.

“My great great grandfather’s legacy of citizenship, leadership, and conservation are as relevant today as they were during the height of his presidency. I want to bring the oft-forgotten lessons he impressed on our nation and instilled in our family to new audiences,” said Ted. “When you focus on people interested in solutions rather than divisive rhetoric, it becomes clear that there is much more that unites us than divides us – just as there was at the turn of the 20th century. Like Theodore Roosevelt, a man of paradoxes – Republican and progressive, crusader against monopolies and capitalist, hunter and conservationist, partisan and rogue independent – our country is many different things. Finding the commonality among them may just be the key to America’s future.”

Just as the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will aim to host our country’s most important debates, Good Citizen will bring that ethos to a podcast audience – all while drawing on the traditions of President Theodore Roosevelt, who remains an iconic American hero to the left and right. Initial guests include environmental activist Christiana Figueres, political pundit Bill Kristol, comedian and cultural critic Baratunde Thurston, NYT bestselling author Candice Millard, social justice advocate Jehmu Greene, and former CEO Meg Whitman, among others. 

“Teddy Roosevelt believed strongly in an engaged and energetic citizenry as vital to our republic and this new podcast will offer meaningful and thoughtful discussions with those who share those sentiments and seek to carry that sentiment forward into the 21st century,” says Ed O’Keefe, CEO and President of TRPL. “Good Citizen is everything the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library stands for: open, honest dialogue, as we want to offer the Library as a place for open and honest dialogue.” 

Good Citizen is one of the first public projects of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library which strives to be a place of bringing people together through empathetic listening, open sharing of ideas, and robust analysis of TR’s impact on the modern world. Not only will the podcast reveal stories of remarkable individuals focused on the TRPL’s pillar principles of citizenship, leadership, and conservation, but it will aim to motivate and challenge listeners to not just think, but act. A full trailer for the podcast can be found here

About TRPL: The Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library is being built in Medora, North Dakota, and is expected to open July 2026. This will be a library and museum truly like no other. Designed by the international architectural firm Snøhetta, the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library will by no means be a static environment, but will instead take visitors on their own journey as they traverse through participatory activities via immersive galleries, theaters, and experiences that encompass key themes and moments from Roosevelt’s life. It will also be the only carbon-neutral presidential library and will function in harmony with the unique ecology that surrounds it, being a model of self-sufficiency.

About Ted Roosevelt: Ted Roosevelt is the co-founder and managing partner of Redwood Grove Capital. He also serves as a member of the TRPL Board of Trustees. Prior to co-founding Redwood Grove Capital, Ted served as a managing director at GoldenTree Asset Management. Ted is a dedicated conservationist and a member of the board of the Trust for Public Land. He was also vice chair of EcoAmerica, and served on the board of directors of the New York League of Conservation Voters.

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