The Global Healthcare Leaders Foundation (GHLF) Stands to Revolutionize the Industry Through an Unwavering Focus on Healthcare Excellence to Ignite Leadership and Innovation

The Global Healthcare Leaders Foundation (GHLF) is proud to announce its official launch, representing a new coalition of healthcare professionals from across the globe, dedicated to enhancing healthcare delivery, patient safety, and mental health services.

Founded by a select group of Harvard Medical School's Global Healthcare Leadership Program alumni, the foundation brings together experts in IT, medical devices, consulting, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare services. GHLF, with representatives from over 50 countries, aims to foster collaboration, expertise and breakthroughs while enhancing hospital operational efficiencies, expanding access to cutting-edge medical technologies and advocating for equitable healthcare solutions.

"Our journey began with our enrollment in the GHLP, where we united over a common goal," remarked Anya Ohavi Neizler, one of the foundation's founders and the Executive Director. "We are a group of over 120 healthcare professionals from around the globe, and we realized that every unmet need in healthcare can gain value under this umbrella. Early on, we quickly understood our commitment to move the needle in global healthcare, identifying tangible ways to make a substantial impact."

"Our organization aims to empower global healthcare leaders and harness their collective expertise to create life-changing solutions for patients," explained Zuzanna Stern, a founder and co-Executive Director of GHLF. "Together, we are committed to driving innovation and evolution across all facets of the healthcare industry," added Richard Hosein, a founder and the President of the Board.

Driven by this conviction, Ohavi-Neizler, Stern, and Hosein spearheaded the formation of GHLF, inviting like-minded individuals to join their cause. Founding members including Ravi Lam, Karen Nussbaumer, Adriana Franco Alanis, Shalu Gugnani, Suguna Chunduri, Maciej Gnatowski, Amel Hammad, Jocelyn Campbell, and David Franklin joined forces, making their vision a reality. Since the formation, Rasika Iyer and Ekaterina Karlova have joined to lead the GTM and program strategy.

Preliminary Strategic Directions for GHLF:

  • Excellence in Hospital Processes: Enhancing operational efficiency and safety in hospital environments with a specific focus on operating room (OR) efficiency, Hospital-at-Home programs, and innovations in ICU care.
  • Access to Innovation: Promoting the integration of cutting-edge medical technologies and innovative healthcare solutions to improve patient outcomes.
  • Social Responsibility: Committing to social responsibility initiatives that focus on the health and well-being of children and teenagers.
  • Patient Resources: Developing and providing comprehensive resources and support systems to empower patients and their families, including those dealing with mental health challenges.

The pre-launch event on May 17, 2024, at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston, will serve as a platform to introduce GHLF's mission and vision to the world, rallying support for its cause of advancing healthcare access globally.

"We hold the key to unlocking solutions that can address the most pressing healthcare challenges," say the founders. "As a collective group of successful entrepreneurs and industry experts, we are poised to drive transformative change in healthcare."

The onboarding process of founding members for GHLF has begun. As founding members, these leaders will have the unique opportunity to shape and contribute to the strategic direction of the foundation, ensuring that their expertise and vision directly influence the advancement and impact of their initiatives. The first founding member to join the foundation is Sumit Nagpal, Cherish Health CEO.

We are grateful for the generous support of our sponsors Thinkhat, Cherish, and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, who have played a significant role in making this launch event possible.

About Global Healthcare Leaders Foundation (GHLF)

Founded by graduates of the GHLF at Harvard Medical School, the Global Healthcare Leadership Foundation, a non-profit committed to promoting healthcare leadership and innovation, is dedicated to a mission of empowerment and excellence in healthcare; knowledge and collaboration are cultivated to create a transformative impact on global healthcare outcomes. GHLF strives to foster a dynamic community of thought leaders to initiate progress and embrace diversity while championing accessible patient-centric care. Visit us at

For further information on the pre-launch event, please reach out to [email protected].

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