The Creator Support Platform pixivFANBOX Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary by Releasing Statistics on Its Achievements

pixivFANBOX, the creator support platform operated by pixiv Inc. (hereafter referred to as "pixiv", Office: Shibuya, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shingo Kunieda), celebrates its fifth anniversary on Wednesday, April 26, 2023. To commemorate the fifth anniversary, the service is publishing infographic data quantifying its growth, along with data on users from regions other than Japan, and testimonials from creators on the platform.

pixivFANBOX 5th Anniversary Infographic:

Over five years, the service has grown to include 10 million users and 190k registered creators
pixivFANBOX is a monthly subscription platform that supports creators in continuing their activities by gathering fan communities together. By using pixivFANBOX, fans can offer monthly financial support to creators, creators can share behind-the-scenes info about their creative processes exclusively to their subscribers, and fans and creators can enjoy communicating with one another.

Over the past five years since the service was launched, it has accumulated more than 10 million users and 190k creators, facilitating a total of more than 36 billion Japanese yen (approx. 267 million USD) in pledges from fans. On FANBOX, creators make thousands of posts per day for their fans, with the cumulative total number of posts topping 3.3 million.

1.3 times more new international users compared to last year & multilingual Help articles rolled out
The number of people accessing FANBOX from outside of Japan continues to increase, with the overseas community now accounting for about 40% of pixivFANBOX's user base. The number of new international users per year has grown from 840k in the April 2022 infographic (about one in three new users), to 1.17 million at the time of this release (about two in three new users), meaning that about 1.3 times more foreign users registered compared to last year. The international community posted about 330k new posts during last year.

The service is expanding in order to become more accessible to the international community. As of the end of 2022, all articles in the Help section (, as well as the guidelines for new creators ( were released in four languages: English, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Voices from creators who have been using FANBOX since its launch
More than 3500 creators have been using FANBOX continuously since registering on April 26, 2018, the date when the service launched. FANBOX sent out a questionnaire to these creators, to generate aggregated data based on their responses.

Most creators post once a month and share exclusive rewards
Many creators aim to post about once a month. In addition to finished works, creators also often post journal entries, project ideas, and unreleased work, while more than half of creators do not post specific content, but rather use FANBOX as a way to receive financial support for their activities. By posting journal entries, behind-the-scenes ideas, or FANBOX-exclusive content, creators can connect more deeply with their fans.

When creators receive support from their fans, it can be an enriching experience on both sides. pixivFANBOX aims to continue to grow, to further realize this mission.

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