Taiwan Design Research Institute Announcing First City Design Index Research in Tokyo, Japan, for World Design Assembly

TAIPEI, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The World Design Organization (WDO) host the World Design Assembly (WDA) in Tokyo, Japan from October 27 to 29, 2023. This conference is the first large-scale international design gathering after the epidemic. As an important member of the international design community and a long-term member and partner of WDO, Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI) was also invited to participate.

TDRI went to Japan to complete multiple tasks this time. The first was to sign a design cooperation memorandum with Sumida District (Tokyo), and Chiba University. TDRI’s predecessor, Taiwan Design Center (TDC), collaborated with Sumida District on the “Japanese Craftsmanship x Taiwan Design” project in 2015. Through close cooperation among the manufacturing end, the consulting group, and the design end, was innovated with the goal of commercialization. Proposals and Development. This is the first time for TDRI to cooperate with Chiba University to communicate in the field of design and R&D, realize mutual visions such as international exchanges, and promote promotion activities that promote their respective professional knowledge and professionalism.

In order to promote the international use of the power of design to solve economic, social and environmental problems at all levels, TDRI cooperated with WDO to develop the city design index research and published the research results at this membership meeting. Indicator models can effectively describe a city’s design capabilities and explain its impact on urban performance, such as economic competitiveness, social well-being, and environmental sustainability. Through the urban design power indicators, each city can review the development of its own design power, find the direction of city brand positioning, and formulate promotion strategies to enhance design power.

TDRI is currently negotiating with the Design Lab of the University of California, San Diego, and is expected to further introduce urban design strength indicators into the impact research of the World Design Capital (WDC) event hosted by WDO. This announcement was made at the membership meeting, and all participants and WDO members were invited to use urban design indicators to promote the influence of design. By cooperating with international design organizations and academic research units, Taiwan’s design research energy will further contribute to the world.

TDRI also won the WDO President’s Award for the first time. The purpose of this award is to commend global design model members for their continued contributions to WDO and the world design community. This award is awarded every two years. A total of 20 members competes for this award. TDRI has been unanimously recognized by all directors, and its international promotion achievements are obvious to all.

In addition, TDRI has an important task in participating in the WDA this time, which is to nominate Vice President Oliver Lin to represent Taiwan as a member of the next WDO Council. The election was very fierce and Oliver successfully stood out from 19 representatives from the United States, India, Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, South Korea, etc., and received the highest votes and was successfully elected as a member of the Board of Directors.

TDRI continues to respond to WDO’s SDGs development strategy, allowing the value of design to be “added” higher, and allowing designers to have “positive expressions” in response to different social issues. Vice President Oliver Lin continues to serve Taiwan’s design community, allowing Taiwan’s design to continue to speak out internationally. In the future, he will continue to allow Taiwan’s design power to cooperate more closely with the international community and work together to create a better life.

SOURCE Taiwan Design Research Institute

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