Super-Giants of Media and Music Production Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Advance the Art and Music Industry USA – English Middle East – Arabic Middle East – English

Super-Giants of Media and Music Production Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Advance the Art and Music Industry

USA – English

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Middle East – English

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rotana Studios and Rotana Music Group, the two sister companies, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for cooperation, aiming to enhance creativity and diversity in the art and music industry. This aims to achieve further development and growth in the world of art and media production, to support creativity and artistic talents, and to enhance the artistic presence of both companies on the Arab and global stage.

The agreement contributes to supporting the art and creativity sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help achieve Vision 2030 by promoting comprehensive development and national identity, encouraging innovation and creativity, and providing a supportive environment for creators.

This MOU includes a set of objectives and principles to enhance joint efforts in the fields of media and music production, including the use of musical content, collaboration with talented artists, and sponsoring some joint artistic productions.

Rotana Studios constantly works on developing and delivering high-quality entertainment content that meets the aspirations of audiences throughout the Arab world. Rotana Studios is distinguished by a wide variety in its collection of feature and documentary films, making it one of the leading destinations for Arab cinema fans.

Meanwhile, Rotana Music Group strives to enhance distinctive auditory experiences for the audience by offering a diverse range of music content with the highest quality standards. Its well-stoked library includes recordings by top Arab artists and exclusive releases, making it a primary destination for fans of Arabic music.

In this context, HRH Princess Lamia bint Majed AlSaud, CEO of Rotana Studios, said: “This partnership represents a significant step towards strengthening our position as two leading companies in the field of artistic production. It will greatly contribute to enhancing creative interaction and delivering high-quality artistic content to the audience.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Salem AlHendi, CEO of Rotana Music Group, said: “This partnership is a significant strategic step reflecting our commitment to provide more distinguished artistic experiences for the audience. We are confident that this collaboration will open up new horizons for creativity and innovation in the field of artistic and musical production.” The agreement signing reaffirms the commitment of the two sister companies to deliver the best and strengthen the artistic and cultural presence of the region and the world, achieving more accomplishments and successes in the future.

About Rotana Music Group:

Rotana Music Group is a leading Saudi group in the entertainment, content production, and musical distribution sectors in the Middle East and North Africa regions, headquartered in Riyadh. It has offices in various cities in Jeddah, Dubai, Kuwait, Beirut, and Cairo. Rotana has the most prominent and important figures in entertainment in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and the Arab world. It stands as an influential media powerhouse, being the leading entity in the Arab world with a workforce comprising a collection of talents and distinguished expertise on a global scale. Rotana continually innovates, presents, and broadcasts its content across its satellite and radio media platforms (Rotana TV and Rotana FM ) as well as its digital platform, Rotana on YouTube, and social media sites. RotanaMusic@ and @RotanaLive

It enables Rotana to access by more than 500 millions of viewers and listeners across the Arab world. Rotana has a great team work of experienced and professional staff specialized in managing and organizing various aspects of artists and their activities. They excel in handling the artistic content across the Middle East, North Africa, and globally. The artist management team collaborates with Rotana’s artists on music production, copyright management, and organizing events to adapt to the evolving trends in the music industry. For more information, please contact: [email protected].

About Rotana Studios:

Rotana Studios is one of the leading companies in the field of art and entertainment in the Arab cinema industry. It acknowledges itself with its innovative spirit and its adoption of new production methods to embody its future vision. It has achieved great success by producing the first Saudi film, which has played a significant role in transforming the of the filmmaking industry in the region. Its extensive library possesses over 2000 films, offering a comprehensive cinematic experience that combines distinctive narrative works with authentic artistic creations, utilizing the latest production methods and advanced technologies. Rotana Studios always strives to deliver high-quality entertainment content that inspires and entertains audiences, targeting its diverse audience in every corner of the Arab world and beyond.


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