Stephen M. Ziman’s New Book ‘The Police and the Public: Stop the Madness’ is an Informative Opus on How to Achieve an Effective and Efficient Use of Police Power

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Fulton Books author Stephen M. Ziman, a seasoned law enforcement officer, has completed his most recent book "The Police and the Public: Stop the Madness": an essential nonfiction that explores the basic meaning of police power and examines the relationship between the police and the community. It is filled with practical insights from the author's firsthand experience as a citizen and decades of service in the law enforcement field. 

Ziman shares, "Exploring the basic meaning of police power and how it must be redefined.

"My ultimate objective is uncovering the dynamics of the police-citizen contact, including the emotional nature of not only the police officer but also the private citizen, and probing those wounds of discontent, frustration, and anger. We have to do it now. This is the year 2022, and we have to realize that nothing has changed. We see the failings of the police-citizen contact with no relief in sight. I hope to have an impact on all who read these practical insights that I have gained over 45 years. I will help you recognize that it is necessary for the private citizens in the community to accept the fact that the police have a very difficult job. The police have to intercede in the citizens' personal issues of domestic violence, the acts of gangs and drugs that create victims, and other criminal acts in general that make the community feel unsafe. However, the demeanor in which an officer responds to these issues must be taught and controlled. We have seen that there is a cost to neglecting to teach the police self-reliance.

"Police officers' sense of self-reliance must become a foundation of police training. Just as we teach our children how to get dressed, use a fork properly, and drive a car, the police must be taught to be prepared beyond reading a book, self-defense, and shooting a pistol. There is a necessity for the police to not only prepare for resistance, defiance, and physical attacks but also to teach, guide, reinforce, and provide constant remedial training on the recognition and control of their reactions to their emotions. This cannot be a basic training subject; it must be an occupational necessity with daily reminders of advice, guidance, and support. It must also be recognized that it is not just an individual responsibility to work at such a complex nature of human reaction to emotions but a team effort. It begins at the top with recognition, education, and guidance. It must filter down with complete support for the man and woman wearing the badge and facing the onslaught of verbal attacks of overzealousness, callousness, and even racism at a time that emotions are strained and unpredictable. Self-reliance is only up to you. It creates your future and will reflect your success.

"My motivation has been to make clear that the small components in law enforcement are actually important. Failure to acknowledge their importance creates a sequence of events that perpetuates a lack of emotional control at a time when control is most important. Hopefully, this information will help in understanding the root of our failure to deal with our reactions to our emotions. 

"This book is a must-have practical reference for both the police and the public alike."

Published by Fulton Books, Stephen M. Ziman's book is a highly insightful read examining the relationship between the police and the community. He presented methods and ideas in hopes to bring these two important entities together.

This is truly a must-read.

Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase "The Police and the Public: Stop the Madness" at select bookstores, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Original Source: Stephen M. Ziman's New Book 'The Police and the Public: Stop the Madness' is an Informative Opus on How to Achieve an Effective and Efficient Use of Police Power