Stanford Blood Donor Center Chooses the HemoFlow 500 and HemoVue Cloud Service to Streamline Its Whole Blood Collection Operations

Applied Science, the worldwide leader in whole blood collection products and services, today announced that Stanford Blood Center has purchased ASI’s next- generation device, the HemoFlow 500 and HemoVue, its recently introduced cloud-based service that works with HemoFlow devices to provide real-time operational data and analytics that significantly improve blood collection and related processes.

Stanford and ASI’s relationship goes back nearly a decade. The blood center’s recommitment to ASI and its products was made on product reliability, accuracy, and durability, now enhanced with HemoVue’s capabilities to simplify device configuration and enable remote device monitoring and management.

“The new mixing scale is one of the most compact automatic whole blood collection scales on the market,” said Renee Gipson, Donor Services Director at the Stanford Blood Center. “Its design and easy-to-use features simplify and automate the whole blood collection process.”

The 500 Series devices are the industry’s lightest at 3.5 lbs and support up to 230 draws per charge - the longest battery life of any blood mixer and scale device in the market today. Its large, touch-screen display and advanced features, including an integrated barcode scanner, onboard collection record storage, and wireless connectivity, streamline the donation process to maximize collection efficiency. The combined solution, coupled with its bi-directional communication with existing BECS systems, provides Stanford with a paperless, automated whole blood collection system that removes the friction of manual data entry, optimizes each donation, eliminates process errors, reduces waste, enhances profitability, and allows phlebotomists to focus on caring for donors.

“By increasing blood bank automation, we are helping our customers improve efficiency, reduce errors, and better manage inventory and donations, among many other benefits,” said Jonathan Morgan, President and CEO of Applied Science. “Our business is all about harnessing the power of healthcare workflow automation and data to make the delivery of care easier, smarter, more efficient, and frictionless for providers of this vital, life-saving service.”

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Applied Science provides workflow automation and data integration platforms for transfusion medicine and chronic care management. Through its HemoFlow brand, Applied Science is the industry-leading provider of solutions for customers all over the world, from the American Red Cross to the UK’s National Health Service. By extending its expertise throughout underserved health care communities, the Company is empowering health systems to manage outcomes remotely and efficiently for their patients with chronic conditions. Through advanced devices, services, informatics, and data tools that automate healthcare workflow processes, Applied Science’s customers capture healthcare data that enable actionable intelligence. For more information, please visit

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