Software Meets Hard Work: ScriptDrop Inc., a Healthcare Technology Startup, Reaches 10 Million Delivery Milestone

ScriptDrop team celebrates its collective achievement of helping millions of patients nationwide gain access to healthcare

COLUMBUS, Ohio - January 11, 2023 - (

Today, ScriptDrop Inc. announced it has reached the important milestone of 10 million prescription deliveries since its first delivery was made in January 2018. This marks a turning point for the company. Not only has the ScriptDrop team demonstrated its healthcare expertise and its ability to achieve its mission, but it has also continued to expand into new channels.

ScriptDrop offers a robust and adaptable prescription delivery software solution that allows each of its industry partners to integrate the delivery process in a way that best suits their needs. ScriptDrop's partners come from every corner of the healthcare industry. Major grocery chains like Albertsons, pharmacy retailers like Rite Aid, Medicare Advantage plans like Clover Health, digital health organizations like Cue Health, and life science commercialization partners like Phil all trust ScriptDrop to deliver a simple user experience for their staff and seamless home delivery for patients. By continuously leveling up its proprietary technology over the years, ScriptDrop has been able to meet the ever-changing needs of patients and customers. 

One of ScriptDrop's differentiators is its ability to provide same-day and on-demand delivery - not just shipping - in all 50 states. ScriptDrop has built a comprehensive network of courier partners from coast to coast, allowing them to reach any patient in the U.S., including those in rural areas. While the COVID-19 pandemic drew attention to the need for delivery, it is clear that patients have always needed more options for accessing their medications. As more Americans age into the 65+ age group, home delivery will remain essential to their care. 

"I knew when I joined the team back in 2017 that it was something really special," said Amanda Epp, CEO of ScriptDrop. "This milestone allows us to step back and think about our impact on patients. There are people out there who didn't have to go to the hospital because they got their prescription on time and were able to stay adherent to their medication or stay healthy during the height of the pandemic and beyond. ScriptDrop might have saved a life. I could not be more proud of this team and everything they have accomplished to get us here." 

About ScriptDrop

ScriptDrop is the only healthcare IT company specializing in prescription access that serves patients in all 50 states. Since 2016, ScriptDrop has been improving drug adherence by delivering medication access opportunities through a robust platform, long-term data storage, multiple service levels, and first-class customer service.

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