SimplyRFID AIMS Eyewear OMS Selected by Landa Eye Center for Business Process Improvement

Looking to improve process and efficiency, Landa Eye Center selects AIMS for automated drop-shipping, easy data entry, and inventory management.

Landa Eye Center Uses AIMS

Landa Eye Center upgrades its business process with AIMS order management system.

Landa Eye Center of New Braunfels, Texas, runs an optometry and eye wear practice with four ODs (optometry doctors). Dr. Angela Cline, of Landa, also plans to expand to a second location so more efficient methods were needed for inventory and business processes. That's when Dr. Cline decided to try AIMS for managing inventory and integrating with its EMR (electronic medical record) software Crystal PM (Practice Management).

The AIMS eyewear order management system (OMS), developed by SimplyRFiD in partnership with Frame Source Group, solved the problem. By installing RFID tags on every frame, Landa takes an accurate inventory using the AIMS RFID handheld in a few minutes vs. the days it took to scan barcodes.

"This is the future!" — Missy Brinsley, Lead Optician, Landa Eye Center

"Realistically, inventory was never right and we continued to order frames manually. AIMs finally gave us a solution that integrates with our practice management software. The ability [for AIMS] to drop-ship orders with frames and lenses from Morel, and several other vendors, speeds up the accuracy and order speed — and we can keep the most popular frames on the board," said Missy Brinsley, Lead Optician.

"This is the future," added Brinsley.

Video Short: Missy Brinsley, Lead Optician, Landa Eye Center, on AIMS Eyewear Order Management

AIMS benefits opticians and optical business owners:

  • One-click drop-ship orders with frame and lens from 11 gold star vendors, including Morel, Europa, Westgroupe, A&A, Kenmark, Riserva, Iconyx, Eight to Eighty, Charmant, Match, and Modern Optical
  • Track shipments from vendors to labs by patient
  • Take inventory in 2-3 minutes
  • Integrate with powerful commerce platforms, like Crystal PM, to reduce data entry
  • Reporting system that shows sales trends, leading and lagging frames

About Landa Eye Center

Landa Eye Center has served the community of New Braunfels, Texas, since 1976 helping its residents to See, Look & Feel Better.

About AIMS Eyewear Order Management

AIMS is a cloud-based order management system that helps eyewear businesses streamline their operations and improve customer service. AIMS gives eye doctors sophisticated order management systems for expediting accurate frame and lens deliveries in one click.

About SimplyRFiD

SimplyRFiD revolutionized RFID adoption with the introduction of the DoD Pro-Tag in 2007. SimplyRFiD's three software platforms — AIMS for Eyewear, Wave for Retail, and Wave Audit for Manufacturing — provide tools for retailers to adopt accurate inventory systems. SimplyRFiD's latest product, AI Kick-Start, enables retailers to deploy the latest RFID technology and experience faster growth.

Watch: 2-Minute AIMS Eyewear Order Management System Demo Video | Media Room 

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