Sifter and Ayble Announce Partnership to Transform the Management of Chronic Digestive Diseases Through Diet

Sifter technology is helping Ayble Health deliver a best-in-class dietary support tool for people with IBS, IBD, and other GI conditions

Sifter SP, Inc. and Ayble Health, Inc. have entered a partnership to integrate Sifter's innovative Shop By Diet technology and enhanced food and nutrition data into Ayble's precision nutrition program. This partnership provides Ayble members an unprecedented level of dietary support for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and other chronic digestive conditions.

It's all about diet personalization: one size fits none. Ayble's HIPAA-compliant digital gastroenterology care platform, powered by Sifter technology, combines behavior science and clinical protocols to radically improve the standard of care for IBS/IBD patients.

Ayble's precision nutrition program guides users through a personalized elimination diet that features Sifter's extensive, curated food product database and powerful Shop By Diet filtering. Through four phases of the Ayble program—identify, eliminate, reintroduce, and apply/adjust—Ayble members suffering from IBS/IBD are able to build the least restrictive diet that most improves their symptoms, with the support of an expert coach. Throughout this process, users have access to Sifter's industry-leading food discovery engine and barcode scanner, allowing them to apply their personalized therapeutic diet to their regular grocery shopping routine.

Because accuracy is critical, Ayble integrated Sifter technology to provide enhanced food data and dietitian-vetted filtering to formulate IBS/IBD-friendly diets and help members assess trigger foods. "One of the most challenging parts of dietary experimentation for digestive disease patients is the 'so what' part, namely how to change purchasing and cooking habits. Our goal at Ayble is to ensure patients can actually adhere to the diet that's helping them manage symptoms. Sifter is an industry leader in the field, and we're proud to be partnering with them on this important initiative," stated Sam Jactel, CEO and founder at Ayble Health.

Sifter provides an unparalleled level of precision in finding foods that are appropriate for complex, health-focused diets thanks to an extensive enhanced food product database that is cleaned, curated, and evaluated in the context of more than 200 dietary filters and ingredient exclusions. 

"A growing number of progressive, next-gen companies like Ayble are using Sifter's API to power their digital health platforms," noted Andrew Parkinson, Sifter CEO and co-founder. "We became the industry leader based on solid science, accurate data, and AI-driven technology. Transformative digital health platforms like Ayble understand the power of offering personalized grocery shopping functionality to their members and customers, and they share Sifter's passion to make healthy eating easy for everyone." 

About Sifter: 
Pioneering grocery ecommerce entrepreneurs Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, founders of Peapod and ItemMaster, created Sifter to make healthy eating easy for everyone. Sifter technology was built to support both retail and healthcare enterprise platforms that realize healthy eating is good for business. Companies can now offer their consumers a fast, scientifically accurate way to find foods that match their unique dietary preferences and food avoidance needs. Visit

About Ayble Health:
Ayble Health is a precision health platform empowering patients with chronic GI conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) to manage their care beyond the pill. Ayble combines the largest GI behavioral health database in the world with its proprietary machine learning algorithms to build personalized, predictive care for every patient—all with the human touch of a licensed care team. Visit

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