Sensorium Galaxy Unveils Mona Lisa: Metaverse Renaissance As Latest Pionering Streaming Experience

Sensorium Galaxy Unveils Mona Lisa: Metaverse Renaissance As Latest Pionering Streaming Experience

ZUG, Switzerland, June 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sensorium Galaxy, the leading entertainment metaverse, today announced the release of the third episode of its metaverse streaming series, titled Mona Lisa: Metaverse Renaissance.

As part of this latest format, Mona Lisa is being replicated as an AI-driven avatar inside Sensorium’s metaverse where she will be performing groundbreaking electronic music DJ sets.

Mona Lisa: Metaverse Renaissance follows the release of the Salvador Dali Experience, featuring the Surrealism genius as Sensorium’s first AI-based historical character with whom users can connect and be engaged in deep conversations.

And while Mona Lisa also boasts AI-powered conversational abilities, she is able to extend her metaverse presence and cement her artistic legacy through boundary-pushing music and spectacular virtual shows.

The Mona Lisa avatar will deliver DJ sets inside Starship, Sensorium Galaxy’s newest hub also being revealed today, as it continues to lift the veil on the futuristic designs of this metaverse.

Delivering on its promise to create unrivaled virtual entertainment where the line between reality and imagination is being perpetually blurred, Sensorium Galaxy leverages cutting-edge emerging technology to enable digital alternate realities where users can build virtual personas, live out alternative life scenarios and achieve digital immortality.

The platform utilizes cutting-edge AI, including a unique technology stack of conversational AI and generative models, to power interactive virtual beings that display unprecedented capabilities in creating relationships with users.

An undisputed icon of mystery and timeless beauty, Mona Lisa is now set to enter the modern world as a musical artist in her own right.

“Sensorium stands again as the first metaverse platform where art, music, cultural heritage and AI collide to create experiences beyond imagination. Fans can expect to witness stunning spectacles where Mona Lisa’s historical and modern looks go hand in hand with mold-breaking creativity inside the world’s first in-engine metaverse streaming where the artist’s passion for music is on full display. We’re certainly thrilled to welcome Mona Lisa to Sensorium’s pool of trailblazing AI artists and believe that it demonstrates our commitment and progress in building a creative metaverse where cutting-edge technology is empowering unlimited self-expression and new types of social experiences”, says Sasha Tityanko, Sensorium’s Art Director.

Mona Lisa’s metaverse DJ sets will be available through Sensorium’s 24/7 streaming channel and official YouTube channel.

Users will also be able to join these groundbreaking streams via the Sensorium mobile app in the near future.

About Sensorium

Founded in 2018, Sensorium is a Swiss company and a leading metaverse developer, leveraging cutting-edge XR and AI technology to deliver next-generation virtual experiences in entertainment and social interaction.

The award-winning Sensorium Galaxy metaverse project, the company’s flagship product, is currently the only global VR multiplayer platform that immerses users into multi-sensory experiences in virtual worlds, across content hubs of various forms.

These include immersive musical experiences in the epicenter of entertainment, PRISM world, self-discovery programs, and guided meditations unfolding within the spiritual environment of MOTION world, and a new type of transversal social interaction enabled by a million-strong community of AI-controlled autonomous virtual beings inhabiting the metaverse.

Sensorium leans on its long-standing collaboration with the world’s best technology and entertainment partners to shape the environments and content of its metaverse.

In addition to the innovative developments in the fields of virtual reality and AI, accessible through a wide variety of interfaces, Sensorium is also a leading Web3 company enabling a stack of pioneering blockchain and decentralized solutions.

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