Second Wind Dreams – Virtual Dementia Tour, Hospital Edition

Make Your Hospital Age & Dementia Friendly Today!

Established in 1997, Second Wind Dreams is the first organization to focus on granting dreams for elders living in long-term care in the United States. An internationally-known nonprofit organization created to change the perception of aging through fulfilling elders' dreams and offering educational programs, such as the Virtual Dementia Tour, to help caregivers understand the physical and mental challenges facing those with dementia.

Second Wind Dreams is expanding our commitment to "Changing the Perception of Aging" by launching the Hospital Virtual Dementia Tour. The goals of the Hosptial Virtual Dementia Tour are to reduce stressful interactions between hospital staff and patients, decrease inappropriate interventions such as the use of psychotropic medications and restraints, improve staff efficiency and satisfaction, improve family and patient satisfaction, and shorten lengths of stay and consequent secondary issues. This, in turn, should result in significant cost savings to the hospital and lower the number of incident reports. Once they have walked in the shoes of a person with dementia, staff state that they will be more patient, understanding, and more sensitive to what is going on around the patient.

The Hospital Virtual Dementia Tour is designed to be conducted in your hospital or emergency department for all of your staff with tasks that are typical of what is asked of patients. This proven, evidence-based training is available for your hospital to purchase and conduct internally or offered by our Specialized Virtual Dementia Tour Certified Trainers.

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