Royals Getting Lawyered Up For Potential Libelous Attacks From Harrys Tell-All Memoir: Report

A new report from The Sun claims that the Queen has ordered senior palace aides to prepare for a legal battle with ex-royals Harry and Meghan.

According to an inside source, the Queen has become exasperated with repeated attacks from the duo. The source claims that the feeling in the palace is that enough is enough, including from the top echelons of power.

There is a limit to how much will be accepted and the Queen and Royal Family can only be pushed so far, the source said. They are getting lawyered up. Harry and Meghan will be made aware and know repeated attacks will not be tolerated.

The palace reportedly began working with legal firms that specialize in libel and privacy shortly after Harry announced that he plans to publish a tell-all memoir next year. According to The Sun, the royal family is considering sending a legal warning to the publisher of the tell-all book, Penguin Random House.

Harry has promised to cover the highs and lows of being a senior royal and many in the media have questioned whether Harry sought permission to write the book. According to the New York Posts Page Six, Harrys biography is expected to be explosive and will include stories that he dubs wholly truthful.

The royal family is reportedly worried that Harry and Meghan will seek to use libelous claims and reveal too much private information.

The royals legal team are speaking to firms with expertise in libel and privacy, the source said. If someone were named in the book and accused of something directly that could be a libel and also infringe their rights to a private family life.

According to The Sun, the same source pointed out the irony that Harry and Meghan who often complained about the British press and its invasive style of reporting are making money off of potential libel and privacy violations.

It would be ironic if Harry and Meghan were accused of breaching privacy given their pronouncements on the subject, the source said. The legal team could also contact publishers of the book to ask for advance warning of its contents and a right to reply.

Harry and Meghan have cashed in on their royal experience since moving to the United States. The duo has inked a podcast and a series of deals with major names like Spotify and Netflix. Most notably, they sat down for a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, wherein they detailed a litany of problems they faced while living as royals.

During the interview, Harry and Meghan accused a member of the royal family of questioning whether their childs dark skin tone may be problematic. Meghan also claimed that she was left alone to struggle with suicidal thoughts while pregnant.

Per The Suns reporting, the royal family has expressed concern that the American public are falling for what Harry and Meghan say.