Renowned Ft. Worth Artist Katie Murray Wows NeoCon Goers

Renowned Ft. Worth Artist Katie Murray Wows NeoCon Goers

CHICAGO, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Katie Murray may have been commissioned by some of the most recognizable names in the world—Facebook, Macy’s, Meow Wolf—but she’s perhaps better known locally. She’s adorned many of the most beloved Fort Worth buildings with vibrant, colorful murals, often with cultural messages of unity and diversity. And her portfolio is full of intimate portraits, collages, and mixed-media pieces. In short, our girl is in demand.

While her recent installation in the Clarus showroom for NeoCon 2024 had no societal overtones, it was no less inspirational. The large-scale mixed-media piece captured glossy ocean waves frozen in time crashing and lapping across the wall-sized canvas. The interplay of glass and the use of unexpected materials added depth and dimension, percolating with light and leading the viewer across the length of the piece. In the spirit of the showroom theme, “Perspective, Perception,” the word “perception” was also cleverly tucked away behind the waves, waiting to surprise viewers. One guest stood close and added up the letters individually until they realized the word, while another remained farther back and smiled, observing the piece as a whole.

“Visually, it needed to make sense both from a distance and up close specifically to provide a sense of awe from both perspectives,” said Katie.

Attendees chatted with the artist, asking questions about the construction. According to Katie’s Instagram, it was built with “over 13,000 screws, 5,000 Legos, 4 sheets of PET, 3 sharp knives, [and] hundreds of hours of assistance.”

“I think people were surprised by all the unique materials used,” Katie added. “[They] wanted to know how long it took to complete, and I honestly think it could have been worked on for another 100 hours.”

A native Texan, Katie earned a graphic design degree from the University of Arlington and a master’s at Texas Women’s University. She serves as the Chief Creative Officer for M2G Ventures and is also a co-founder and chief advisor for Art Room. Contact Katie via her website and socials.

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