Rachelle Galipeau’s New Book ‘Fractured’ is a Powerful Memoir Detailing the Author’s Recovery Following a Traumatic Injury That Changed the Course of Her Life

PENDLETON, N.Y. - August 29, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Fulton Books author Rachelle Galipeau, a poet and author who resides in Western New York with her family, has completed her most recent book "Fractured": an impactful and encouraging autobiographical account following the author's journey of rehabilitation following a contest of strength that altered her life.

"I am almost 20 years 'recovered' from a traumatic injury," writes Galipeau. "One not suffered from any heroic undertaking—or at least not heroic in the traditional sense. A stubborn strength of mind (over minutiae of matter) shattered my arm and unquestionably altered my destiny. While my intention was to show strength, what resulted created a facade of weakness that did not reflect my true persona or grit of character. That personal discovery of flawed disposition set off a chain reaction of self-discovery, realized trauma, and the undeniable need for healing. All of it would take so much time, but of that, I had plenty."

Galipeau continues, "My process of thought runs a wayward course, which is interesting given my propensity for marked discipline. My journey is an interesting one, and the path along the way is profound in reflective, philosophical thought. I have tried to capture it as it happened, in the very way that it happened, in the sincere hope that my journey draws some interest, if only to satisfy the curious pursuits of others. Some of my blessings have been inopportune but still qualify as blessings, nonetheless. As individuals, we may travel differently, we may travel in opposite directions and via different modes, but we all must make our way through it. Life may not be as black-and-white as a chess board, but it does require moves and strategies for achieving shocking and beautiful results. It is not typically an all-or-nothing dichotomy of linear events. Life is more complicated than that. Learn it, calculate it, and set it up! Your own awakening may be just ahead. Open your mind! Enjoy the ride! Cheers to our journey through this life!"

Published by Fulton Books, Rachelle Galipeau's book is an eye-opening and introspective memoir that details not only the author's physical recovery but the self-realizations she discovered along the way with the help of others. Galipeau creates an honest work that gives readers the opportunity to witness the growth and strength the author displayed throughout her recovery and invites them to learn something about themselves along the way.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase "Fractured" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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