Opulli Unveils Open Beta of Its Groundbreaking AI Fashion Model Platform

Redefining Fashion Marketing Through Ethical AI and Real-Model Integration

AI-Generated Fashion Model

Output of an AI-generated fashion model from the Opulli platform.

Opulli, a pioneer in AI-powered fashion technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its open beta program. This program welcomes fashion brands and creative agencies to explore the transformative capabilities of Opulli’s advanced AI fashion model platform. Crafted to change brand-audience engagement, the platform stands out for its ability to deliver unmatched customization and efficiency while upholding ethical standards and incorporating real models' likenesses.

Empowering Brands and Agencies With Personalized AI Solutions

Opulli’s core technology harnesses a sophisticated AI engine to generate hyper-realistic fashion models that meet each brand's unique requirements. Unlike conventional photoshoots, which are often expensive and time-consuming, Opulli enables brands and creative agencies to produce stunning, tailored imagery quickly and affordably. While the platform excels in technological advancements, it also emphasizes the role of real models. By collaborating with real models and integrating their licensed likenesses, Opulli creates new revenue opportunities for them, ensuring that the artistry and authenticity of traditional modeling are maintained. This digital licensing extends the career of models, allowing their influence and identity to endure in the fashion world beyond conventional boundaries.

Ethan Chapman, CTO of Opulli, shares, “At Opulli, we’re passionate about helping fashion brands bring their vision to life in a way that’s both affordable and innovative. Our AI platform allows brands and agencies to create stunning, personalized visuals that truly connect with their customers. Whether you're a large retailer or an independent designer, Opulli makes it easier to showcase your products and expand your reach, all while complementing the work of real models.”

Championing Inclusive, Creative and Ethical Fashion

Opulli is dedicated to empowering fashion brands and creative agencies of all sizes and origins to compete effectively on the global stage. The launch of the open beta is a pivotal moment in this mission, offering brands and agencies an opportunity to break down traditional barriers like high costs and logistical challenges while unleashing their creative potential. Importantly, Opulli's approach enables real fashion models to be a part of the fashion industry's digital transformation.

Fashion brands eager to elevate their online presence with striking, customized imagery are encouraged to join the open beta at www.opulli.com.

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