Optoma Garners Three 2023 MUSE Creative Awards USA – English USA – English

Optoma Garners Three 2023 MUSE Creative Awards

USA – English

USA – English

All three entries received Muse Creative Award ‘Platinum Winner’ status

TAIPEI, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Optoma, the world’s number one 4K UHD and DLP® 1000+ lumens projection brand, today announces that it has garnered three 2023 Muse Creative Awards in the ‘Experiential and Immersive’ category. All three entries received the MUSE Creative Award “Platinum Winners’ status, the highest honours of the program. The winners include the Lucid Dreaming digital art installation, the Optoma 5G Mobile Projection Vehicle, and the Restart digital art installation.

“We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to be recognised with three MUSE Creative Awards, let alone three Platinum ones,” said Jeffery Chen, head of Optoma’s New Media Integration team. “Projection has come a long way as a technology limited to meeting rooms and high-end home theatres, and has undeniably become an important medium for artists and others to showcase their creativity and messages to a wider audience, whether at museums or commercial venues.”

Hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), the award program receives over 6,300 entries from across the globe annually, proving themselves to be a leading award program that honours outstanding creativity, design, and ingenuity. This year, fifty-one experts from various creative disciplines were selected as jurors. Their ranks included highly respected experts from advertising, graphic design, interior design, and architecture to name a few. The award program consists of two awards, the MUSE Design Awards and MUSE Creative Awards. Each award is further subdivided into three grades, Platinum, Gold, or Silver, with Platinum being the highest tier.

“While the winners continue to reshape and redefine the industries with their continued display of excellence, we should not shy away from the challenge and instead share the vision in solidarity with them,” said Thomas Brandt, spokesperson for IAA. “IAA remains proud to be able to honour talented individuals while spotlighting their excellence. As they continue to mark the path forward, we should also unleash our boundless possibilities and join in this marvellous endeavour.”

The Optoma winners include:

Lucid Dreaming Digital Art Installation

The Lucid Dreaming digital art installation was constructed at the Wind Livehouse in Hsinchu Park in 2021, where Optoma and AMUS Art Tech Studio used projection technology to create an interactive and immersive light and shadow artistic experience inside the venue. The art installation used a theatre scrim in the shape of a vortex for the projection display. Bionic sensor technology, using lines, particles, and air, created an immersive ‘City of Wind’ experience for visitors. Visitors entered the core of the dream vortex and followed the sound of the wind to the destination, a mystic, shallow stone bowl for storing memories, called a Dream Container, representing the core of human subconsciousness. Learn more here.

5G Mobile Projection Vehicle

The ‘2021 Light Coming’ lantern festival was held from October 22 to 31, 2021 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. and employed light sculptures, music, and art to transform the city’s historic sites into outdoor artworks. Artists from around the world were invited to participate, and an urban lantern show was jointly presented. Optoma presented something unique and special that combined cutting-edge technology with artistry to attract visitors. The immersive 5G mobile projection vehicles were built within six months by the Optoma New Media Integration team. The vehicles allowed visitors to follow projections during the festival to explore the streets of Hsinchu and experience different levels of interactive content and performances. Optoma had to overcome technical challenges and vehicle considerations to enable the projectors to move freely and mingle with spectators. Learn more here.

Restart Digital Art Installation

Cutting-edge projection technology met immersive art at the ‘2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival.’ After a 23-year hiatus, the lantern festival returned to Taipei, which included Restart, a digital showcase that fused projection technology with digital art. Optoma collaborated with AMUS Art Tech, an innovator of digital art in Taiwan, at the ‘Light Up the Future’ display zone in the heart of Taipei City. In the past few years, the world has been in the throes of the worst pandemic in recent memory. Fear, uncertainty, and darkness have pervaded the world with seemingly no end in sight. In this collaboration between Optoma and AMUS Art Tech, Restart celebrated the end of a dark chapter in human history and the return of hope. Learn more here.

About Optoma

Established in 2000, Optoma is a visual solutions provider that serves enterprise, education, consumer, retail, and large-venue markets. Its products combine superior image processing technologies with exceptional engineering and innovation to deliver stunning crystal-clear images with ultimate reliability. In addition to a full lineup of projectors, including 4K UHD, Portable, and Laser, Optoma also offers Interactive Flat Panel Displays, Professional Displays, AIO LED displays, and Large Venue projectors. Powered by OSS Optoma Solution Suite and OMS display management solution, they provide customers and users with innovative ways to connect, share and collaborate. Optoma has regional headquarters in Asia, EMEA, and the Americas. Learn more at www.optoma.com     

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