Olleyes, Inc Announces a Partnership With Tobii to Incorporate Advanced Eye Tracking Features Into Their VisuALL ETS Model

SUMMIT, N.J. - October 18, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Olleyes Inc., a medical software company focused on the development of the VisuALL Virtual Reality Platform (VRP) for assessment of visual functions, announced today a partnership with Tobii to incorporate advanced eye tracking features within the VisuALL ETS package.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Tobii is the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer in attention computing. The company pioneered the world's first remote eye tracker over 20 years ago and has remained at the forefront of the R&D and integration of innovative gaze-capturing technology to the present day. Tobii technology will further enhance the capabilities of the Olleyes VisuALL ETS to deliver a variety of ophthalmic tests with superior accuracy via its portable and patient-friendly interface.

"Tobii is proud to enable innovators like Olleyes in its ambition of significantly improving accuracy and efficiency of visual field assessment by automatically analyzing the retinal sensitivity in patients with Glaucoma and other visual disorders," said Johan Hellqvist, VP of XR at Tobii. "By incorporating Tobii's leading eye technology like Tobii Ocumen in Olleyes' VisuALL ETS package, we continue to push the boundaries of technology for good."

The VisuALL tests collect data by projecting stimuli on specific areas of the retina as a user interacts with the device's software. Users who are unable to focus on the necessary visual cues—or avert their gaze frequently—may disrupt the analysis and put themselves at risk of reducing the accuracy of the test results. These concerns have previously made gathering ocular information from some patients challenging.

By utilizing Tobii eye tracking, the VisuALL ETS stimulus remains consistent with the same region of the retina regardless of user error, vastly increasing the precision of the data and improving doctors' ability to confidently diagnose their patients through highly optimized means. This is possible thanks to Olleyes testing algorithms implemented in the VisuALL model ETS. Now this new eye tracking technology will allow for even more ocular tests to be integrated into the device, including perimetry scans and ocular motility testing.

"Olleyes is the leading group in the VR market for eyecare. Our VisuALL Virtual Reality Platform (VRP) provides automatic, objective, and standardized visual function tests. Our partnership with Tobii will allow us to increase the accuracy of our technology even more. Tobii Ocumen has helped us quickly develop and deploy our product offerings and is a step forward in automating the remote assessment of visual function," said Alberto Gonzalez, CEO of Olleyes.

About Olleyes

Olleyes is a privately held medical software company committed to developing efficient and productive diagnostic technology. Olleyes' products are designed for the office and home evaluation of patients with eye diseases like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration. Olleyes' strategy is predicated upon efficiency and accessibility to deliver accurate and repeatable visual tests. The management team is experienced in the development and commercialization of medical devices.

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