Neuma Innovations’ Single-Use IV Disinfecting Cap Improves CLABSI Prevention and Deters Central Line Abuse by IVDU Patients

Neuma Develops Disinfecting Cap That Mechanically Cannot Be Used More Than Once

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Neuma InnovationsTM, creator of the original Neuma ClampTM that deters and detects central line abuse by IVDU (intravenous drug using) patients, today announced the development of a new disinfecting cap that prevents reuse and is tamper-evident.

"We've been working closely with infusion professionals since 2015 to design solutions to problems associated with central line blood infections. We learned that about 28% of caregivers use the same disinfecting cap more than once, which obviously compromises the caps' effectiveness. Our team set out to design a simple device that, because it can't be reattached after the first use, dramatically improves compliance," said Hal Rucker, President of Neuma Innovations. "The added benefit is that our cap also protects lines from patients who use their lines to self-inject illicit drugs."


The Neuma CapTM disinfects, approaches 100% compliance, minimizes the harmful consequences of abuse by IVDU patients, facilitates the discharge to SNF and OPAT care, and fits seamlessly into existing workflows.

"The Neuma Cap genuinely ensures the enforcement of single-use protocols while its price point remains on par with comparable alternatives," said Amy Duncan, Director of Business Development. "The ingenuity of Neuma's product lies in its indistinguishable resemblance to conventional disinfecting caps without requiring any changes in workflow. From the perspective of clinicians, the Neuma Cap is a frictionless industry disrupter for optimal patient care."

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