MOMENTICA: 6 Things New Users Should Know When Collecting Digital Photo Cards – Or Collectibles – Of their Favorite K-Pop Artists

MOMENTICA: 6 Things New Users Should Know When Collecting Digital Photo Cards – Or Collectibles – Of their Favorite K-Pop Artists

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MOMENTICA is a flagship platform for fan-artist engagement built on innovative and sustainable technology, launched by LEVVELS. As a platform with unique digital collectibles of the hottest names in K-Pop known as TAKE™️s, fans use MOMENTICA as a new way to show support for and appreciation of their favorite artists.

Since its launch last October, fans from 93 countries/regions around the world have been enjoying MOMENTICA – and the MOMENTICA experience just got even better. Recent updates have added exclusive digital collectibles for two popular K-Pop girl groups; LE SSERAFIM and fromis_9.

Since the update, K-Pop fans have been delighted with the new offerings. LE SERRAFIM’S digital collectible owners have grown sevenfold while the number of followers has grown by four times. In addition, more than 60,000 free giveaway digital collectibles of fromis_9, released on January 19, were gone in less than a week. Fans from all around the world participated in the giveaway, and a lucky fan was able to complete the full collection of the group’s digital collectibles on the day of the release.

To help build better user experience, MOMENTICA has listed 6 things new users should know in order to make the most out of the platform.

TAKE™️, Unique Digital Collectibles Users Can Own

TAKE™️ is the term for the unique digital collectibles available on MOMENTICA that range from digital photo cards and short-form videos to handwriting and voice files of users‘ favorite artists. These authentic TAKE™️s, captured during album production and performance schedules, are released in limited numbers, and each piece of content is unique. When purchasing a pack of TAKE™️, the user will be able to select three TAKE™️s in either image (Frame) or video (Scene) formats. There are also some free TAKE™️s during promotional periods.

Make the Most of Each TAKE™️ Drop

Each and every artist’s TAKE™️s are exclusive, and the limited content has a specific release timeline. MOMENTICA refers the release to the announcement of new TAKE™️s as a ‘drop,’ and allow fans to celebrate each new drop through a free TAKE™️ for a week. Those who wish to complete the full collection can then purchase additional TAKE™️ packs.

Shuffle For Favorite Moment of Each Artist

With the Shuffle feature, users can swap your TAKE™️ for a new one randomly selected from the TAKE™️ pool. This helps when users purchased a TAKE™️ pack but didn’t receive the one they had eye on. While the artist and format type of the TAKE™️ cannot be changed, users can shuffle for a TAKE™️ of another member or a different concept. As part of the MOMENTICA’s ongoing Shuffle event, users can choose to participate up to three times a day, with a new Shuffle ticket issued every  8 hours.

Complete Collect Board For The Perfect Collection

MOMENTICA understands how much fans love collecting photo cards, which is why the platform includes a Collect Board feature. The Collect Board is a digital collectible roadmap that showcases the cards available for each artist in one place and also shows the status of  users’ TAKE™️ collections so that users easily keep track of the cards they own as well as what’s still out there for to collect. MOMENTICA features a variety of Collect Boards for each artist member across a variety of concepts, and once complete Collect Board, users are able to receive special rewards.

Curate Own Collect Book With TAKE™️

Through MOMENTICA, users can create their own personalized collection of TAKE™️s. Name their Collect Book, select a cover image and decorate the favorite artists’ digital collectibles for a whole new layer of uniqueness. 

Stay Up To Date With Favorite Artists Through the Artist Page

Keep track of all the latest news from the favorite artists and share the moments the users treasure most. MOMENTICA lets them follow their favorite artists and stay tuned to new content, including updates on ongoing drops. Through MOMENTICA’s Artist Page, users can check out the available content for all artists at a single glance, view all the artist’s Collect Boards and other fans’ Collect Books and check in on the upcoming drop schedule.

While the drop of fromis_9 will continue until the noon of February 9, TOMORROW X TOGETHER will make their first drop on the same day. The group’s first digital collectibles with the concept of ‘WORLD TOUR ACT : LOVE SICK IN SEOUL‘ will be released through the two rounds of drops – Part 1 and Part 2. Fans will be able to obtain TAKE™️ that captures cherishable moments of TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s world tour in Seoul, which took place last July.

And that’s not all – MOMENTICA will also be releasing ENHYPEN and SEVENTEEN’s digital collectibles in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for upcoming drops!


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