MHT Delivers New Technology for Measuring and Improving Mental Wellness

An Interview with Chief Technology Officer (CTO) John Cray

Mental Health Technologies (MHT) offers a rapidly growing cloud-based platform primary care physicians and mental health professionals use to screen and test for mental health disorders, including depression and substance abuse. MHT helps providers identify areas where their patients are struggling and refers them to the proper behavioral healthcare professional.

In a recent interview, MHT's CTO, John Cray, talks about how their technology is different and discusses the company's newest innovation:

What is SmarTest?

SmarTest is a tool that uses intelligence and historical data to define when—and how—a patient should be tested for various mental health conditions. It can base its decisions on patient information, such as age, gender, or other demographics. Every clinic or provider group can define its own rules for how SmarTest works.

A clinician may test patients on a particular treatment regimen for depression every three months, but those who indicate severe depression may require more frequent measurement. A primary care practice may test all patients once per year for certain conditions but use the assessment results to automate the referral of certain patients to mental health providers.

How do you work with evolving needs of clients?

Our company understands that we need to be receptive to feedback so that we can maximize our value and help in any way we can. We continuously meet with our current and prospective clients to plan what we do next to make the most of our services.

For example, based on the need to get new tests into the system as quickly as possible, we developed a wizard that allows us to create a new test in a matter of minutes. We can very quickly enhance clinic-specific or standardized tests. This level of flexibility is unique to us, as well.

We also recently released a new feature that can automatically route them to a webpage that is optimized to help them. If a patient indicates suicidality, they can be directed immediately to the 988 suicide lifeline page. Or if the patient answers above a certain score depression level, we can route them to a page describing advanced treatment options for them.

How are you measuring MHT's success?

MHT saw a 20% growth rate in 2022. In the month of January 2023 alone, we grew an additional 20%. We use our data to measure our own success and drive our focus. And we are also working to use this data to provide valuable analytics to our customers. 

Clinics can compare their own results to benchmark data across the industry by whatever metric they desire. MHT can report on whether a practice's patients are improving faster or slower than similar patients across the country. The data itself is a goldmine of information for decision-making. 

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