Meet the Designer Behind MindUp

Meet the Designer Behind MindUp

NEW YORK, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ArtsBerry invites the Designer behind MindUp to share her creative design ideas and process of the award-winning lifestyle app. MindUp aims to help people build positive mindset by creating habit of positive thinking through its innovative “daily punch,” freestyle journaling, and curated meditation playlists. Most recently, MindUp has been recognized by some of the most renowned international awards, including C2A Creative Communication Awards 2023, UX Design Awards 2023, London Design Awards 2023, DNA Paris Design Awards 2023, and Titan Health Awards 2023.

Ms. Augustina Liu, the creative mind behind MindUp, is a prestigious product/UX designer applying user-centric design principles in B2B, B2C, and internal tool products for better experiences. “Modern people are stressed. Mental health disorder is one of the most present conditions for modern people, with anxiety being the most common problem for mental health,” Ms. Liu explains the motivation behind MindUp. “I intentionally designed the app to combine multiple-choice questions with optional freestyle writing to reduce the time needed for mindfulness journaling,” Ms. Liu added.

For MindUp, Ms. Liu explored new digital interface and created a new design language. The daily punches collected by users over time make progress tracking visible and engaging, and the daily punch system’s aesthetically pleasing visuals and gamification elements make the mindfulness journaling experience an enjoyable one. MindUp also provides curated meditation playlists with guided instructions and soothing music to help users solidify and strengthen their habit of meditation.

When we ask about the biggest obstacle she overcame during the design phase, Ms. Liu says, “It is how can I motivate people to cultivate the habit of mindfulness journaling through my design?” She further states, “Ultimately, I came up with an innovative concept of the ‘daily punch collection.’ This idea was designed to encourage users to maintain a regular mindfulness journaling practice through enjoyable and visually rewarding design. By answering four multiple-choice questions each day, users collect a daily punch that serves as a visual representation of their progress, thus motivating them to continue their mindfulness journey. The ‘daily punch collection’ concept aims to offer users a clear and enjoyable way to track their mindfulness practice and celebrate their achievements,” says Ms. Liu.

In the end, ArtsBerry asks Ms Liu to offer her advice for the designers within our organization who just started their career. She says, “As new designers, you will meet many design challenges in your career path. Design is an ever-evolving field, and most of the time things don’t go exactly as planned. Be adaptable and open to change! The best design solutions sometimes emerge from unexpected shifts or challenges. Embrace these moments as opportunities for growth and innovation.”

Ms. Augustina Liu is currently the Senior Product Designer at Toast, where she leads the design of Toast for Restaurant Retail, a responsive web feature for customers in food services and retails. Previously, Ms. Liu worked as designer at Wynd Technologies, Alaska Airlines, and Fresh Chalk.

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