MediRoutes Integrates With Medical Answering Services (MAS) for Enhanced NEMT Software Solutions in New York

Empowering NY Transportation Providers: MediRoutes Introduces Streamlined Processes and Real-time Solutions with MAS Integration

MediRoutes, the leading provider of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software solutions, is thrilled to announce its recent integration with the 5.5 version of Medical Answering Services (MAS) API. This integration equips New York-based transportation providers with innovative tools to navigate the latest Medicaid regulations, including a mandatory shift towards digitization.

With this integration, transportation providers across New York State can streamline their operations using MediRoutes' advanced features like real-time GPS tracking, automated dispatching, and trip scheduling.

"Our integration with MAS is designed to provide transportation providers with the necessary tools to comply with the latest New York Medicaid regulations," said David Reinkensmeyer, COO of MediRoutes. 

"We understand the challenges transportation providers face in New York and are committed to helping them manage their operations effectively and more efficiently." -Reinkensmeyer -

Medicaid regulations in New York are constantly evolving, and it can be challenging for transportation providers to keep up with the latest changes. MediRoutes' integration ensures that its software is compliant with the latest regulations, making it easier for providers to navigate the day-to-day operations of running their business. 

MediRoutes is dedicated to delivering industry-leading software solutions that elevate the transportation providers' business. The MediRoutes platform is user-friendly and customizable to the unique needs of every transportation provider.

Reinkensmeyer further adds, "Our team's tireless efforts to integrate with MAS have paid off, and we're confident that our platform will significantly simplify the management of transportation operations."

About MediRoutes:

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