MBLM Unveils 2024 Trendcasts

Harnessing Brand Intimacy Data to Dimension New Behavioral Profiles

MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency, is excited to share its latest findings on consumer trends and to detail five different profiles poised to shape and permeate the market throughout 2024.

The agency utilized its proven methodology featuring AI and an extensive dataset comprising over 600 brands and more than 1.4 billion words to develop the trends and review other surveys and materials gathered throughout 2023.

New Consumer Profiles:

The Retreater: The consumer who embraces the sanctuary of home. They are trying to spend less money and do more at home all the time.

The App Obsessed: With 5.5 hours of our day devoted to apps, this group is captivated by the allure of these digital marvels. As reliance on ease, convenience, and instant gratification grows, so does the fascination with apps.

The Budget Splurger: Many are saving and spending in equal measure. Sound contradictory? Not in the slightest — for this group, splurging is the only thing that makes budgeting worthwhile.

The Gamer: Gaming has gone mainstream and is the hobby and habit of almost everyone. See how this form of entertainment has taken hold and is changing the way we play.

The Seeker: With a focus on wellness and a willingness to seek alternative treatments, many are dedicated to improving their physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health. After all, health is hot.

“Brand Intimacy has consistently helped us forecast shifts, for example, the tremendous brand power of Amazon and YouTube, years before their cataclysmic growth. It is also a valuable tool in understanding consumer behavior and addressing evolving brand needs. These emerging trends offer companies insights into appealing to new sentiments and behaviors, as well as considering how to build emotional bonds with their audiences,” stated Mario Natarelli, the Managing Partner at MBLM.

To view the findings, click here.

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For a detailed overview of the Brand Intimacy methodology, please click here.

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