Marvion’s HKU Campusland scores well with undergraduates and is expected to extend its meta-campus to primary and secondary school students later this year

Marvion’s HKU Campusland scores well with undergraduates and is expected to extend its meta-campus to primary and secondary school students later this year

SINGAPORE, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Metaverse Blockchain company Marvion, a fully owned subsidiary of Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (OTC:BONZ), is pleased to share that the “HKU Campusland” developed by Marvion and Marvel Digital Ai (MDAi) has achieved considerable results with the undergraduates from the University of Hong Kong (HKU). As such, Marvion will be looking to roll out the meta-campus to primary and secondary schools this year.

Open Trial of HKU Metaverse Campus is the first of its kind

The University of Hong Kong’s Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science first partnered with Marvion and Marvel Digital Ai (MDAi) to introduce the ground-breaking HKU CampusLand in October, 2022.  This was the first AI-powered meta-campus in the higher education sector in Hong Kong. The platform which first had its initial rollout prioritizing students in the Faculty of Science at HKU, received rave reviews and now expanding its reach to include secondary school students in Hong Kong. The  platform has developed a Junior Science Institute (JSI) experience room in the metaverse, connecting juniors in secondary schools with HKU faculties in a bid to foster learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) areas.

Last November, the Faculty of Science and SAAS DS Lab hosted a “Mixed Reality in Metaverse” workshop in the HKU JSI experience room, where 30 students from Year 9, Form 5, and Form 6 participated. Students designed and created their avatars, learned basic concepts in statistics, AI, and data visualization, and received hands-on programming experience in Roblox and Unity to implement objects and scenes in the metaverse. They also had the opportunity to use meta goggle to experience mixed reality that manipulates objects between the real and virtual worlds. Plans are in place for junior students to participate in HKU Campusland in Spring and Summer 2023.

Dr. Adela Lau, Deputy Director of HKU SAAS Data Science, commented on the positive impact of HKU Campusland on students, “Students were excited and enjoyed interacting in HKU Campusland.” Tutors of the JSI workshop, Ms. Julie Wu and Mr. Kelvin Kong, also added that “Students love learning statistics and AI for data analysis and visualization, and they did an amazing job creating objects and land in the metaverse. This was a very useful workshop for them.”

Marvion’s HKU CampusLand, located in Marvion Central Park on the Roblox platform, is a virtual replica of the University of Hong Kong, complete with teaching buildings and data science laboratories. The Metaverse University City also features a range of virtual stores, recreational facilities, and installations, with plans in the works to expand the blueprint to offer a more diverse range of virtual experiences for academic purposes.

What sets HKU CampusLand apart is its innovative use of artificial intelligence to simulate human behavior and integrate the real and virtual worlds through interactive communication. Dr. Adela Lau, Deputy Director of the Data Science Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong and Deputy Director of the Master of Data Science program, praised the platform as a “great initiative developed in collaboration with Marvion and MDAi,” adding that she hopes the project will inspire students to think innovatively and globally.

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