M2 Information Systems Launches Revolutionary IRIS Family Messaging: Reinventing Communication in Healthcare Settings

A Leader in Developing Cutting-Edge Hospital Applications, M2 Information Systems Launches IRIS Family Messaging to Help Streamline Communication & Foster Stronger Connections Between Patients, Their Families & Healthcare Professionals

Seattle-based M2 Information Systems introduces an innovative family messaging platform, enhancing the patient-care continuum by bridging communication gaps between healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

M2 Information Systems, a leader in developing cutting-edge hospital applications, today announces the launch of its newest offering, the IRIS Family Messaging. This groundbreaking product represents a significant step in streamlining communication and fostering stronger connections between patients, their families, and healthcare professionals.

For nearly three decades, M2 Information Systems has pioneered technology solutions that have transformed the medical sector, ranging from PC-based order management systems to clinical workflow applications. Leveraging its vast expertise, the company created the first hospital web-based clinical systems and has since established itself as a trailblazer in the digital health technology landscape.

Today, that pioneering spirit continues with the launch of IRIS Family Messaging. Building on the success of MicroBloggingMD (MBMD), IRIS Family Messaging has been developed to empower patients and families by bridging communication gaps in hospital settings. This tool will update families on their loved one's condition, treatments, and progress, regardless of physical distances or time zones.

Beyond patient and family benefits, IRIS Family Messaging also promises substantial improvements to the workflows of hospital staff, boosting their productivity and the ability to provide the highest level of patient care. By reducing communication barriers, staff can focus on critical care delivery, boosting job satisfaction. Furthermore, by fostering a collaborative environment, IRIS Family Messaging could play a pivotal role in reducing errors, streamlining administrative duties, and ultimately, elevating the standard of healthcare services. 

"M2 Information Systems is committed to creating innovative solutions that address the complex challenges faced by today's healthcare industry," said Tom Wilkes, CEO of M2 Information Systems. "With IRIS Family Messaging, we are taking a significant step towards ensuring that the family is not just a spectator but an integral part of the patient's care team."

IRIS Family Messaging features include real-time updates, secure data encryption, a user-friendly interface, and 24/7 access, making it not just a tool for communication but an extension of care. It underscores the company's ongoing commitment to enhancing patient engagement and improving outcomes through technology.

To learn more about IRIS Family Messaging and other innovative solutions offered by M2 Information Systems, visit www.m2IRIS.com

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M2 Information Systems, Inc., based in Seattle, has been at the forefront of developing, installing, and supporting hospital applications across the U.S. for the past 28 years. Since its inception in 1983, M2 has focused on creating advanced solutions that improve clinical workflow in larger facilities and lead the transition from paper-based to digital systems. 

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