Luminous Art Foundation: The Curated reinvents Web3 art curating with the first-ever ‘Pinterest’ for digital art

LISBON, Portugal, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Luminous Art Foundation is launching The Curated, the first decentralized platform that offers browsing, cataloging, and curating digital art sourced from all over Web3 — major marketplaces, generative art networks, and direct submissions by artists, collectors, and galleries. The platform goes live on April 13 and will announce an open call for art curators interested in joining its curatorial council.

The Curated offers a comprehensive toolset to simplify navigating digital art. Its features include a search engine for artworks, mighty boards to save findings, subscriptions to favorite artists and push notifications when they mint anywhere in Web3, and tools for compiling and showcasing thematic art selections. By filling the gap in convenient social curation services for digital and generative art, The Curated will remove barriers for thousands of art lovers and contemporary art professionals entering this emergent space.

The platform will also become a foundation for the first decentralized curatorial framework based on a curatorial council and its proven expertise in contemporary art. The Chief Curator of Luminous Art Foundation will appoint 50% of the council, while The Curated DAO will elect the remaining 50% through transparent elections held every quarter. A set of incentives will streamline collective efforts to identify meaningful artworks for screening by the curatorial council, which approves art for The Curated Feed.

Ultimately, The Curated will offer collectors, collectors’ DAO, art funds, galleries, and metaverses the finest art selection and curating ‘as a service’. The platform’s mission is to give visibility to history-shaping artworks, define trends with the help of professional curators, and bring more art specialists to digital art. With its educational program on digital curating and planned curatorial projects involving established artists like Tai Shani, The Curated will become a true URL institution and a tastemaker.

To coincide with the launch, The Curated is making an open call for digital art curators and museum curators who would like to explore the Web3 space. They should submit short bios and curatorial statements and create art selections based on chosen topics. All applicants with a proven curatorial track record will be accepted as verified curators and rewarded for platform activities (such as discovering artworks subsequently approved by the curatorial council, creating curatorial selections, etc.). A jury will select ten applications by curators who will become top candidates to be elected onto the curatorial council by The Curated DAO.

“The Curated has been founded by contemporary art professionals with extensive museum experience and established tech developers,” said Anne Duffau, Senior Curator of Luminous Art Foundation. “The unique blend of expertise in art, technology, and product building helps us deliver the kind of instruments digital art is currently missing. As a result of our initiative, this poorly cataloged space, which lacks credible professional opinions and critics, will become better researched, better structured, and more accessible for newcomers and art specialists.”

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Luminous Art Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to produce and share knowledge around cutting-edge digital forms of contemporary art. By creating a cultural program for a broader community in the physical, blockchain, and metaverse worlds, the foundation’s mission is to facilitate the integration of digitally-born and traditional art forms.

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