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Effectively Addressing Risk of Stroke, Embolisms, and Deep Vein Thrombosis with Medication

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Major health risks stemming from blood clots moving through arteries and into the heart, lungs, brain or other organs of the body are always going to be a major concern for people prone to this. These clots can also be the cause of deep vein thrombosis, and Eliquis (Apixaban) is one of the most standard medications prescribed for these individuals as a means of lowering the risk of any such event. It is also one of the many medications that tend to be expensive when dispensed through pharmacies in the U.S. Ordering this medication from Canada Drugs Direct makes it more affordable.

The cost of Eliquis or other blood clot prevention medications becomes, even more, an issue with the understanding that patients will often have these risks on an ongoing basis due to having conditions like high cholesterol. Many times, their inability to get those contributors sufficiently under control means that the risk of blood clots will be a reality for them long term. This means that prescriptions for Eliquis or a similar medication are going to be filled again and again, and many Americans who don't have a copay arrangement or other type of coverage may find that becomes too expensive.

The stronger 5mg dose of Eliquis may be what is required for people at an elevated risk of a blood clot-related event. It is more common when a person's doctor is concerned about the risk of stroke or pulmonary embolism as compared to them consulting with a patient who has experienced deep vein thrombosis. The stronger dosage will have a larger OOP (out-of-pocket) cost for these people when filling their prescription. Taking Eliquis may be a must for guarding themselves against death or permanent debilitation occurring from a stroke, so it makes sense to explore options for paying less for this medication.

Doctors will continue to prescribe Eliquis for people who are at risk of blood clots, and the way it minimizes the chances of a major event makes it a very valuable medication. Anyone recently prescribed Eliquis and already struggling to afford it should consider having the prescription filled online at Canada Drugs Direct and taking advantage of the opportunity to pay less for Rx drugs. 

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