Linsoul Introduces Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite: The 8BA Sequel of the Well-Received In-Ear Monitor Orchestra With the Iconic Balanced Sound Tonality

After the instant success of Orchestra, Kiwi Ears is set to release the more efficient and cost-friendly Orchestra Lite as a qualified studio monitor and stage monitor.

The Orchestra Lite is the advanced customized version of its predecessor, which is already an instant success with great prestige. Lite inherited the original's natural and balanced tonal signature but upgraded its 8-balanced armature driver to the Kiwi Ears special, with customization on every driver to retain the natural flavor of each frequency and reflect the uniqueness and nuance of every musician. 

Specificity of 8BA drivers

Due to the specificity of the customized Kiwi Ears balanced armature drivers, Orchestra Lite can outperform other IEMs of the same specs, as the detailed bass is processed by two subwoofer drivers while clean middle and treble are delivered by four mid-range drivers and two ultra-tweeters. The specificity of the 8BA driver allows Orchestra Lite to meet the needs of musicians and other professionals in the industry. And its performance has been tested to be sufficient through two rounds of quality control inspection by independent engineers, and further frequencies have been made sure to match to ensure the left bud goes well with the right bud. With those testing procedures, surely the Orchestra Lite will be the perfect tool and companion for any professionals in the industry.

Perfect sound performance

The assured efficient performance of those customized balanced armature drivers is also adopted in a smart way — the three-way passive crossover strategy — to give Orchestra Lite a clearly separated yet harmonizing frequency range that perfectly suits the human ear. This comfortable and desired sound reproduction is reflected in Orchestra Lite's sound curve. According to the testing statistics, from 200Hz to 800Hz, only a 2dB difference provides an ever-slight hint of warmth without muddying, and the treble has been perfectly matched with the human ear's pinna perception, with a 7dB peak at 2.5kHz and a slow natural decay towards 10kHz. As the data shows, all sound can be faithfully captured and recreated by Orchestra Lite — no details or nuisance will be missed while remaining comfortable and free of any harshness.

Detachable cables

Other than sound quality, the Orchestra Lite itself is quality-made and aesthetically designed. Paired with a 4-core 7n oxygen-free copper cable, the Lite is destined for great electric conductivity and ultimate sound experience. The changeable cable with two 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm plug pairs with any modern musical equipment or electronic device, making it convenient for stage performance. The whole unit is also handcrafted with care and closely examined for providing users with the best experience. 

Price and Availability

Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite is available now at There are two color options. The package includes a pair of Orchestra Lite buds, a removable cable, and customizable ear tips.

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