Liaocheng Tells Good “Water Margin Culture Stories”

Liaocheng Tells Good “Water Margin Culture Stories”

LIAOCHENG, China, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. On October 18, 2023, the overseas promotion event “Meeting Liaocheng” was held in the City Park of Parks, Hungary, with the theme of “Yanggu: Hometown of Heroes”.

Yanggu County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province is located in the Luxi Plain, where the Yellow River and the Grand Canal intersect. Many key chapters and stories in the classic literary works “Water Margin” and “Plum in the Golden Vase” take place in Yanggu, which is rich in water margin cultural tourism resources and is also known as the “Hometown of Heroes”.

Wusong fights the tiger in Jingyanggang, Pan Jinlian disdains her husband and flirts with others, Ximen Qing meets Pan Jinlian under the curtain, and Wang Po becomes a matchmaker for money…these exciting stories in “Water Margin” showcase the various social patterns of Yanggu County in the past, including local customs, drinking and dining, and banquet customs, leaving an endless aftertaste. Yanggu is the birthplace of China’s agricultural civilization, as well as the cradle of brewing and the hometown of liquor. Brewing, selling, and drinking are folk customs in Yanggu. Drinking fostered the spirit of generosity and righteousness, and also contributed to the classic work “Water Margin”.

On the day of the event, many Hungarian citizens stopped to gain a deeper understanding of Yanggu County. Hungarian friend ISTVÁN highly praised the culture of Yanggu in Shandong and said that he deeply understood the “water margin culture” through this activity. “The excellent traditional Chinese culture has a unique charm in international communication, and I am willing to be an overseas recommender for Chinese traditional culture.”

It is understood that the “Meeting Liaocheng” overseas promotion event has been held multiple times in the city of Parks, Hungary. Each event showcases the unique cultural and tourism resources of Liaocheng, as well as special promotional materials. It has played a good role in publicizing, showcasing, and promoting Liaocheng to the outside world, and has also been unanimously recognized by overseas citizens.

SOURCE Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily

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