Liaocheng Intangible Cultural Heritage Products Appear at the Cultural Festival in Velence, Hungary

LIAOCHENG, China, July 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Commercial Daily. On July 1, Liaocheng City carried out the exhibition and promotion of intangible cultural heritage works at the Lake Velence Cultural Festival in Velence, Hungary.

In the on-site activities, Liaocheng City displayed intangible cultural heritage handicrafts including Dongchang gourd carving, tiger head shoes, fabric zodiac rabbits  and so on. The exquisite tiger head shoes have attracted the attention of local residents. Zhao Yuhong, an artist of tiger head shoes, introduced that the “Tiger head shoes” are complex in workmanship, and only the tiger head needs embroidery, jacquard, playing seed  and other stitches. The colors of the upper are mainly red and yellow, and thick lines are often used to outline the tiger’s mouth, eyebrows, nose, eyes, and other areas, exaggerating the appearance of the tiger’s strength. Making tiger head shoes is a meticulous job, with many processes and long time consuming. It takes at least two or three days to make a pair of tiger head shoes, which are all made by hand through three main techniques: sewing, embroidery and knitting. Some local residents couldn’t put down their love for the shoes and commented, “Chinese handicrafts are exquisite and fantastic! I hope to visit the beautiful city of Liaocheng in the future

Gerhard Akos, mayor of Velence, visited the intangible cultural heritage products of Liaocheng and praised the gourd carving technology as an excellent skill.

With a perimeter of 28.5m, Lake Velence, which is about 45km southwest of Budapest, is the third largest lake in Hungary and a leisure resort with pleasant scenery. At the event site, there were also promotional brochures of “Liaocheng Beside the Grand Canal, Famous North China Waterside City” and promotional books of “Liaocheng: a miraculous city for water “, showcasing the history, culture, scenery, cuisine, and economy of Liaocheng to the local people, and promoting Liaocheng comprehensively.

SOURCE Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily

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