Kerr Introduces Next-Generation elementsTM Connect and Apex Connect as a Complete Shaping Solution

Designed to work independently or together, elementsTM Connect and Apex Connect offer an intuitive shaping solution that enhances confidence and patient safety.

elements Connect and Apex Connect

Cordless endodontic motor and apex locator

Kerr announces the launch of elementsTM Connect cordless endodontic motor and the Apex Connect electronic apex locator. elementsTM Connect operates in standard rotary, reciprocation, and adaptive motions allowing doctors to use their preferred motion during root canal treatment. The motor with Apex Connect can be coupled to unlock real-time working length reading during instrumentation of the root canal. elementsTM Connect and Apex Connect can be used in tandem or as standalone devices to simplify shaping procedures, enhance doctors' confidence, and aid patient safety.

"With elementsTM Connect, dental professionals now have the flexibility of a portable motor with two removable and rechargeable batteries for uninterrupted use during endodontic procedures. For added convenience, the motor comes with 14 memory slots, nine of which are pre-set file settings and five are customizable settings," explains Elizabeth Mascarena, Kerr's Marketing Manager. "Designed with Adaptive, Reciprocation, and Rotary motions, doctors can use most leading files on the market. When used with Apex Connect, its handpiece's light indicator provides real-time feedback while shaping," added Mascarena.

Apex Connect provides dental professionals with real-time working length indications of root canal depth via an easy-to-read, full-color, and angled display. The confidence-boosting smart light and sound indicators alert the doctor as they get closer to the canal's apex. In addition, Apex Connect has built-in automatic self-calibration to assure measurement accuracy for enhanced precision during shaping procedures.

Dr. Matthew Miller, D.D.S., explains that this new offering from Kerr "took all of the qualities of the elementsTM e-motion motor and dialed it into the new elements Connect cordless motor." Adding that "whether you prefer rotary, reciprocation, or adaptive motions, you can do it all with elementsTM Connect; a non-bulky, ergonomic handpiece with real-time working length capabilities." With over 15 years as an endodontic practitioner, Dr. Miller believes that "the system will help clinicians build confidence in treating complex cases, allowing patient safety and clinical outcome to remain top priorities."

Colin Reagan, Global Product Manager at Kerr Dental, says, "Experienced endodontic specialists will appreciate the versatility and mobility of elementsTM Connect and Apex Connect that support their busy practices. General practitioners now have two solutions to help them perform shaping procedures with increased confidence and ease."

elementsTM Connect and Apex Connect will be available for purchase on February 27th 2023. To learn more about elementsTM Connect and Apex Connect, visit

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