Kerr Expands Its SimpliShade Family With Bulk Fill and Bulk Fill Flow

Two New Bulk Fill Composites Simplify Restorations with Stunning Results

Kerr Dental is proud to introduce SimpliShade Bulk Fill and SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow, two new innovative composites that offer dental practices added flexibility and simplicity for their restorations. Powered by Ternary Adaptive Response Technology (ART3), both SimpliShade bulk fill composites require just one shade to match all 16 VITA® classical shades.

“ART3 is the next generation of the clinically-proven ART found in Harmonize™ and SimpliShade Universal Composite,” explains Chelsie Keeler, Associate Marketing Manager at Kerr. ART3 combines (1) Adaptive Rheological Response Technology for ease of sculpting; (2) Adaptive Color-Blending Response Technology for virtually indistinguishable blending; (3) Adaptive Shrinkage Stress Response Technology for enhanced marginal adaption and long-lasting restorations.

In addition to being a one-shade system, SimpliShade Bulk Fill is a one-step SingleFill™ composite that cures up to 5mm and doesn’t require a capping layer. Create long-lasting restorations with lower polymerization shrinkage and shrinkage stress, reduced wear rate, and higher flexural strength than other bulk fill composites on the market.

SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow is a self-leveling bulk fill flowable, filling every area of the tooth’s anatomy and easily adapting to the cavity floor. With the ability to cure up to 5mm before adding a capping layer and comparable or higher mechanical strength when compared to other bulk fill flowable products, you can restore confidently.

“With two new SimpliShade bulk fill composites to choose from, I can continue to use my preferred restoration techniques while ensuring the beautiful, long-lasting results my patients expect and deserve,” says Dr. Matthew Miller, from Reimels, Miller, Paterra Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. “My practice has embraced the SimpliShade family of products and are excited to have Bulk Fill and Bulk Fill Flow in our toolbox for simplified restorations that achieve superior esthetics and durability.”

SimpliShade Bulk Fill and SimpliShade Bulk Fill Flow are available now. To learn more and order samples, visit

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