Kenlyn Kolleen’s New Book ‘Forever Blue’ Is An Endearing Children’s Book That Honors The Deep Bonds Between People and Their Pets

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Fulton Books author Kenlyn Kolleen, a women empowerment leader, has completed her most recent book "Forever Blue," a children's book, based on a true story of loving and letting go of a beloved dying dog. Through a dream, the reader is taken on a journey into another realm where a bigger picture of death emerges that is both poignant and comforting, especially for those who have lost a pet.

Kolleen shares, "Forever Blue is the story of a mini Australian shepherd named Blue. Blue enjoys a wonderful life of love and care, and she brings joy to all who meet her. When Blue is old and no longer able to run and play, she appears to her human mom in a dream.

In the dream, Blue and her mom are in a tropical paradise where Blue is happy and free. There, Blue asks her mom to let her go. This dream feels so real that when Blue's mom wakes up she gathers her family and friends to share the news: 'Blue is going to die soon.'

Through the beautiful illustrations, we see Blue's spirit leave her body and travel to a place where she can feel all life moving through her. Blue's family and friends are there when she dies, and soon after they set up an altar to connect with Blue's spirit. The children participate in loving and letting go of Blue and imagine who her spirit will become next. One thing is certain, Blue will remain in their hearts forever.

Forever Blue is a deep but simple story that assists readers of every age to sweetly embrace the vastness of the journey of life and death.

This book is for children ages four to eight years, their parents, and anyone who has lost a beloved animal companion."

Published by Fulton Books, Kenlyn Kolleen's book is a heartening story that captures a woman's love for her dog and honors the hardest decision -- to let her go -- as part of the natural cycle of life. 

This read is meant to comfort both adults and children.

Readers who wish to experience this deeply moving work can purchase "Forever Blue" at select bookstores, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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