Jenny Allen’s New Book ‘Rose of Jericho’ is a Heart-Pounding Novel That Effortlessly Blends Crime Fiction With Supernatural Elements

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Fulton Books author Jenny Allen, an award-winning artist and photographer, a full-time RN for ProMedica, has completed her most recent book "Rose of Jericho": a gripping fictional read that will surely intrigue its readers right from the start. It's about a forensic investigator, Lilith Adams, and her quest to find a mysterious manuscript. She is joined by Chance and Andrew in this terrifying mission. Who among them will come out unscathed from the devil's den? 

Allen shares, "When Forensic Investigator Lilith Adams accepted Detective Andrew Cohen's help to defeat the horror from her father's past, she knew she was making a deal with the devil. Now the true price has come to light, and the cost is beyond anything she imagined. Lilith and Chance are forced into the service of a mysterious council, whose brutality rivals Ashcroft's in their rabid desire for the Voynich manuscript and its cipher.

"Every loyalty and shred of sanity are utilized as opposing factions desperately race for the power hidden within the enigmatic book, which recently went missing in a high-tech robbery at the Beinecke Library in New Haven, Connecticut. Now Lilith, Chance, and Cohen are tasked with finding the book, which holds the ghosts of Gregor's past and a mysterious connection to the Durand. Caught between emotion-feeding demons, a vicious siren, and an actual voodoo witch with terrifying power, the real question is, who will be left standing when the storm passes?"

Published by Fulton Books, Jenny Allen's book is an astonishing volume that will transport readers to a whole new dimension. The fast-paced narration also adds to the suspense and thrill, turning the story into an enjoyable reading experience.

This is one of the great reads out there that one shouldn't missed!

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase "Rose of Jericho" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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