JanSport Collaborates with ArtLifting to Release a Collection of Designed Packs that Champion Artists Impacted by Disabilities and Housing Insecurity

The collection will showcase the artwork of three underrepresented artists printed on a variety of JanSport packs to share their inspiring stories and talent with the world

DENVER, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — JanSport, America’s #1 backpack brand, announced today its partnership with ArtLifting, a social enterprise advancing access to the art market by connecting artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity with socially conscious customers to create meaningful spaces and products.

The JanSport X ArtLifting collection brings the artwork of artists Mia Brown, MJ Cooper and Sylvia Burnstein to life through their own designs on JanSport packs. Each pack includes an exclusive interior label to shine a light on the artist’s story, background, and their unique art practice.

“This collaboration with ArtLifting amplifies our continued commitment to be more inclusive with every pack we make,” says Alex Reveles, JanSport’s Vice President, Global Brand Management. “We are honored and inspired to have the work of Mia, MJ, and Sylvia on our packs. Moreso, we are excited for the world to embrace and support their creative art journeys.”

For more than 50 years, JanSport has been on a mission to meet its consumers where they are by developing products that are inclusive, stylish, and functional, while simultaneously providing an opportunity for self-expression. The JanSport x ArtLifting collaboration is another extension of the brand’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility by creating a platform for these underrepresented artists to express themselves on multiple JanSport packs, including its Adaptive Collection. JanSport launched its Adaptive Collection in January of 2023 after three years of dedicated research and product testing, while listening to people with disabilities to find out what they wanted from their JanSport – the result is a functional backpack and crossbody that are designed for mobility device users.

 “ArtLifting is a community for artists who are traditionally underrepresented in the contemporary art market to come together to highlight their artwork and gain access to economic opportunities,” says Liz Powers, co-founder and CEO of ArtLifting. “Partnering with JanSport has given our talented artists another platform to inspire inclusivity through their artwork and share their personal stories with others.”

The three artist collaborations with Mia Brown, MJ Cooper and Sylvia Burnstein will launch in a phased approach throughout the year starting today.

  • Mia Brown – Launching in May, artist, Mia Brown works and operates her studio and business out of San Rafael, California. Mia has cerebral palsy that impacts the use of her hands and legs, but over time she has developed a system to keep pursuing her passion for art by using a brush attached to her helmet. She commutes to her studio nearly every day to work toward the singular goal of creating work that can be seen by others. Mia’s art will be turned into two patterns: White Flowers and Mint Julep which are featured on the SuperBreak Plus, Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack, Big Student, Central Adaptive Pack, and the Central Adaptive Crossbody.
  • MJ Cooper – The second collaboration, which will be released in July 2024, will feature LGBTQ+ student artist, MJ Cooper. MJ uses her wisdom, experience, and experimentation to make moving, expressive works of art. In 2018, MJ became ill with viral meningitis. Creating art became essential to her well-being and helped her transform the pain she was experiencing into beauty for others to view. MJ creates art as a therapeutic way to work through her emotions and bring peace to herself and others. MJ’s art will consist of two patterns: Garden Petals and Galaxy III, which will be featured on the SuperBreak Plus, Big Student, Lunch Break, Central Adaptive Pack and the Central Adaptive Crossbody.

  • Sylvia Burnstein – The final collaboration will feature artist Sylvia Burnstein and will be released in October 2024. Sylvia was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. She has used art to express her inner thoughts and emotions with colors and advocate for the vast abilities of individuals living with autism. Art has become the key to helping Sylvia communicate and when she is not able to communicate, she draws images to help those around her understand her better. It is important to Sylvia to be recognized for her talent, as she wants to show that people with autism have immense potential and gifts to share beyond their diagnosis. Sylvia’s art will consist of two patterns: Renaissance and Endless Abyss, which will be featured on the SuperBreak Plus, Big Student and Fifth Avenue Fanny Pack, Central Adaptive Pack and the Central Adaptive Crossbody.

Mia Brown’s collection is now available for purchase on JanSport.com. MJ Cooper’s collection will be available for purchase in July 2024 and Sylvia Burnstein’s collection will be available for purchase in October 2024 on JanSport.com.

For more details, please visit https://www.jansport.com/artlifting 

About JanSport
JanSport, a division of VF Outdoor LLC., was founded in 1967 in the Pacific Northwest by three pioneers in the outdoor industry and headquartered in Denver, Colorado. From the very beginning, JanSport has lived true to its purpose; Always With You. The brand is a true and trusted ally throughout all life adventures and values inclusivity, authenticity and self-expression. With sustainability at its core, JanSport is committed to improving the environmental impact of its products through material and manufacturing innovations, while continuing to provide the same durability, versatility, and long life JanSport packs are known for. Though the brand began by manufacturing and marketing world-class outdoor backpacks, the product offerings today include daypacks, bags and accessories sold on www.JanSport.com, in department stores, and specialty and boutique retail locations throughout the world.

About ArtLifting

ArtLifting advances access to the art market by connecting artists impacted by disabilities and housing insecurity with socially conscious customers to create meaningful spaces and products. Through partnerships with over 450 corporate clients, ArtLifting artists share their talents and stories with the world while earning an income from art sales and royalties.

Since its founding in 2013 by former social worker Liz Powers and her brother, ArtLifting has generated tens of millions in art sales and royalties for the community of over 190 diverse artists in 36 states. ArtLifting has partnered with companies like Bank of America, PayPal, Google, Bain Capital, Starbucks, LinkedIn, CBRE, and Hines.

As a next-generation art consultancy, ArtLifting provides scalable art solutions and curation services for any environment. Our clients work with us to differentiate the design of their spaces, promote brand values, and inspire communities. ArtLifting makes tangible social impacts with our partners by reducing stigma and stereotypes and creating economic opportunities for artists who are traditionally underrepresented in the contemporary art market.

CEO and co-founder Liz Powers and ArtLifting has been featured in Bloomberg, LA Times, TED, NYT, Today Show, Forbes, Business Insider, CBS News, NBC Nightly News, among others. For more information, visit artlifting.com.


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