Isto Biologics Unveils Fibrant Liberty™: An Advanced Allograft Solution Designed for Rapid and Consistent Hydration

The newest addition to the Fibrant product line

fibrant liberty

photo of liberty fibers in open bore syringe

Isto Biologics, a global leader in regenerative and autologous therapies, announced today the launch of Fibrant Liberty™, a pioneering development within its Fibrant line of allograft solutions. As the first Fibrant product completely developed by Isto Biologics, Fibrant Liberty represents an advancement in bone grafting technology with its sophisticated composition and rapid hydration capabilities.

Fibrant Liberty is a dry allograft mixture that integrates robust cortical fibers with mineralized cortical cancellous chips. Upon hydration, the graft transforms into a pliable form that can be tailored to meet the precise needs of diverse surgical procedures. The longer and stronger fibers™ ensure superior handling and create an intricate entanglement that prevents graft migration while preserving structural integrity. 

Paired with a specially engineered fiber bundle, Fibrant Liberty utilizes an open-bore syringe design that guarantees consistent and immediate hydration with the surgeon’s fluid of choice. The product is free from additives that could compromise bone content, thus allowing Fibrant Liberty to preserve the purity of the graft and foster optimal bone growth. Additionally, the inclusion of cortical cancellous chips not only enhances postoperative visualization but also provides compression resistance to maintain the volume of the fusion mass.

In describing the strategic design of the product, the chief developer behind the graft, Nelson Scarborough, PhD noted the need for the functional allograft form. “Fibrant Liberty effectively takes the guesswork out of bone grafting. Designed to be rapidly hydrated with BMA for a complete graft of cells, signal, and scaffold, the solution's visible and robust design gives surgeons the liberty to fuse with confidence.”

Since acquiring TheraCell and their legacy TheraFuze DBF® line in 2022, Isto Biologics has focused on enhancing the reimagined Fibrant line with a broad range of effective allograft solutions. Fibrant Liberty embodies the company's ongoing dedication to innovation and its commitment to providing high-quality, reliable products to help patients heal faster.

"We are thrilled to introduce Fibrant Liberty as the latest addition in our Fibrant line," stated Don Brown, CEO of Isto Biologics. "This launch underscores our commitment to advancing allograft solutions that significantly enhance patient outcomes and support healthcare professionals in their practice."

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Isto Biologics is a leading biologics and cellular therapy company. Focused on Helping Patients Heal Faster™ through innovative solutions for bone regeneration and cell-based therapies, Isto prides itself on providing the most complete and innovative biologics offerings on the market. From its inception around Isto's flagship autologous cellular solution, the Magellan® Autologous Platelet Separator, Isto has grown through developing complete bone grafting options touching all categories of bone grafts; InQu® Bone Graft Extender & Substitute; Influx™ Advanced Allograft Technology including Fibrant™ Functional Allograft Constructs, SPARC Integrative Bone Matrix, and ProteiOS Allograft-Derived Proteins.

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