Imaginative Author Kevin W. Lynn’s New Book ‘On Another Earth’ is an Exciting Narrative That Follows a Man Named Tom Who Meets a Spaceship Captain From Another Planet

Recent release "On Another Earth" from Newman Springs Publishing author Kevin W. Lynn is an engrossing science fiction novel that centers on Tom, a young man from California, who meets Coker, the spaceship captain from Ponlenia, an advanced civilization a million light-years away.

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Kevin W. Lynn, author of "Road to Another World" and the "Beyond the Horizon" book series, has completed his new book "On Another Earth": a captivating science fiction novel that follows a young man named Tom on a one-year trip to Ponlenia in which he learns a lot of modern knowledge from computers. When Tom and Coker temporarily stay on another terrestrial planet, Edia, Tom follows Coker to do things and meets a young man named Hanson who looks a lot like Tom. The two young men have a very happy chat. Tom leaves for a while, and Coker takes Hanson away. Tom has to stay in Hanson's factory. With the help of his best friend, Peter, "Hanson" starts his new life on another earth, Edia. 

Author Kevin W. Lynn is originally from Chicago and currently lives in the Bay Area, California. He enjoys sports, swimming, and traveling. His hobby is studying paths to other planets with ideal conditions. He has always dreamed that one day people on Earth could go to another planet to visit other friendly people. 

Author Kevin W. Lynn begins his narrative, writing, "Bang. Tom's head hits the corner of the machine again. And this time, the force of the impact is so strong that Tom has to sit down and rub his head. It seems that the narrow space between the machines is very difficult for Tom's big body. And he always forgets the last time he bumped his head in the same place. Tom raises his head and looks at that part of the machine. The design is too bad. This part seems to be deliberately designed to cause Tom in trouble. Looking at that part, Tom suddenly feels funny. There is too much happening during this period, like hitting his head on the machine again, that he doesn't even have time to think about whether it should or shouldn't happen to him."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Kevin W. Lynn's tale offers thrilling twists as Hanson helps the entire galaxy get rid of an extreme natural disaster. On Another Earth is a great way for anyone who wants to learn how people on Earth communicate with another civilization through a series of fun and romantic stories.

Readers who wish to experience this unique work can purchase "On Another Earth" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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