Imagene Launches ImageneOI Platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Democratize AI-Based Molecular Profiling in Oncology

The ImageneOI rapid AI-based biomarker profiling platform significantly improves lung cancer patient outcomes, as demonstrated by a recently published case report.

ImageneOI Platform and Case Report

ImageneOI AI-based Molecular Profiling Platform on OCI, and the published case report of impacting patients' lives.

Imagene, an emerging leader in AI-based precision oncology, is proud to announce the launch of the ImageneOI platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The innovative platform, supported by proven clinical benefits, sets a new paradigm in cancer diagnostics by enabling rapid AI-based molecular profiling from biopsy images alone, overcoming key barriers and limitations in current diagnostic processes. ImageneOI already proved its significant impact under research on treatment initiation and averting radiation for two cancer patients, as published in a recent case report in the Journal of Clinical Pathology.

"We're confident in selecting Oracle as our cloud provider and are pleased to join forces with Oracle in our mission to make advanced technologies drive better patient care," said Dean Bitan, co-founder and CEO of Imagene. "Oracle is not only delivering consistent, high-performance computing with widespread global reach, but its focus on the healthcare sector has played a crucial role in enabling us to bring this transformative service to the forefront of cancer diagnostics."

For AI inference computation and to process data at scale, Imagene partnered with Oracle to run its ImageneOI platform on OCI and will take advantage of OCI Supercluster and OCI AI infrastructure technology. OCI's cost-effective, high-performance computing enables the ImageneOI platform to offer rapid biomarker profiling and to deliver impressive performance of approximately two minutes from uploading a digitized biopsy image to receiving a biomarkers status report. 

"Saving lives is technology's single most important use," said Safra Catz, CEO of Oracle. "We are proud that Oracle's highly performant and secure cloud infrastructure will help Imagene improve access to care, drive informed decisions, lower costs, and ultimately save lives."

ImageneOI aligns with oncology clinical guidelines that emphasize the importance of obtaining molecular testing for actionable cancer biomarkers before initiating treatment. This breakthrough technology paves the way for improved and personalized cancer care. It facilitates informed decision-making for optimal treatment strategies by reducing turnaround times from weeks to minutes.

The platform transforms cancer diagnosis by addressing a significant gap in the current healthcare landscape. In the United States, approximately 80 percent of cancer patients choose to receive treatment in community settings. In addition, 64 percent of lung cancer patients, which is the deadliest cancer, do not receive the optimal treatment mostly due to biomarker testing-related challenges and limited access to comprehensive Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). Up to 30 percent of tested patients do not receive guidelines-recommended biomarkers testing results prior to first-line therapy initiation. This accessibility issue and under-tested populations presents a major obstacle to effective cancer treatment.

The pressing need and demand for rapid and accurate cancer diagnosis pose a significant challenge in advancing precision oncology. This challenge is highlighted by the projected rise in cancer incidence, lengthy turnaround times, and issues with tissue inadequacy. The accessibility of the ImageneOI platform on OCI makes it an invaluable rapid molecular profiling resource for research institutions and medical centers globally.

In conjunction with the launch, Imagene is initiating an Early Access Research Program. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch for more information at [email protected].

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