Home of Ayahuasca Expands Offerings With Extended 3-to-6-Month Retreats for Profound Transformation

Extended Plant Medicine Retreats are Designed for Deep Personal Evolution in the Jungle of Peru

Home of Ayahuasca, a retreat center specializing in plant medicine healing retreats in Peru, is pleased to announce the expansion of its offerings with extended retreats, now spanning from three to six months. These immersive programs have been meticulously crafted based on 15 years of experience working with experienced retreat participants to achieve profound and lasting change. This expansion comes after previously offering retreats ranging from one to four weeks for new participants.

"Our extended retreats are tailored for individuals who are seeking new paths in life, striving to make substantial changes in their lifestyle or mindset. They also offer support for those looking to overcome depression and addictions," explained Victor Breg, CEO of Home of Ayahuasca. "During the retreat, we work closely with each individual to ensure their retreat aligns with their goals and aspirations, leading to a transformative experience."

Home of Ayahuasca provides two distinct retreat formats, each designed to meet different needs and objectives.

  • The Solitary Reflection Retreat is ideal for individuals who are already familiar with shorter retreats and are ready to delve deeper into their introspective journey. Participants can engage in self-guided work if they possess prior knowledge or receive gentle guidance if desired. This retreat format promotes self-reliance, personal responsibility, and the development of intuitive decision-making skills.
  • The Integration and Daily Life Retreat is designed for individuals seeking to integrate their transformative experiences into their everyday lives. Participants engage in multiple plant medicine retreats while also participating in simple daily activities. This format allows individuals to solidify the changes, insights, and new perspectives gained during the retreat. Surrounded by Peru's serene natural landscapes, this retreat facilitates personal growth and holistic healing.

Participants in the extended retreats have the opportunity to work with experienced facilitators who guide them throughout their journey. These facilitators have in-depth knowledge of plant medicine practices and are dedicated to ensuring the well-being and progress of each participant.

"To ensure the highest standards of safety and care, we provide comprehensive pre-retreat screenings and consultations. This allows us to assess the suitability of each participant for the extended retreats and address any concerns or considerations," stated CEO Victor Breg.

To learn more about Home of Ayahuasca's extended three-to-six-month plant medicine retreats and embark on a journey of personal transformation and healing in Peru, please visit Home of Ayahuasca website.

About Home of Ayahuasca: 

Home of Ayahuasca is a retreat center located in Peru, specializing in plant medicine retreats. With over 15 years of experience, its programs have been designed to support individuals in achieving profound and lasting change. Nestled amidst Peru's captivating landscapes, Home of Ayahuasca provides a safe and supportive environment for personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual exploration.

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